AUDIO: Avent Talks Pitchers, Knizner

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Elliott Avent met with the media to discuss the upcoming Raleigh Regional.

"I think we're ready."

"He's over there, you can ask him."

"Yes, he can come back, but I don't think he'll be ready.  We've talked to Dr. Andrews, and he's done a couple of MRIs, and what he needs is rest.  Dr. Andrews has assured me that what he needs is rest, not surgery."

"[Williamson] said he's going to pitch.  I think that's what he's told me.  He's talked to Dr. Andrews as well. He has an injury that may have to be fixed, but you pitch through it.  John Smoltz pitched through it for years... Nolan Ryan pitched through it his last couple of years."

"Unbelievable... Knizner has come in here and done everything the right way.  Played for thre years, freshman all-american... he's a guy like Todd Fuller, he's made like one B in his college career and he's ticked off about that.  I made one B in college and I was tickled to death.  He's an amazing person and we wouldn't be here without him."

"It's the discipline to do what you're supposed to do and then school takes care of itself."

"It's important that he's a good student because it shows he has a discipline off the field."

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