PC: Avent, Knizner, and Shepard Talk Raleigh Regional

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Elliott Avent, Andrew Knizner, and Chance Shepard met with the media after Thursday's practice.

Elliott Avent
"It's not going to affect me... it's about the players.  I don't even need to show up. It's all about the players now."

"I was in a lot of pain [with the ankle]... I can't put any pressure on it."

"Most college teams change their rotation throughout the year... we've rotated things since I've been here.  We'll go with Brian Brown the first game.  Past that, we're not going to make any decisions. We're going to have everybody on board for the first game and go from there."

"Johnny Piedmonte epitomizes what I think this ballclub is all about. He's so respected by his teammates, the coaching staff... the hard work he's put in,  the things he's gone through."

"He did throw awfully well the other night and closing things out... we all believe in Johnny Piedmonte, we know who he is, and he rises to the occasion.  He's certainly in the mix for a starting role."

"What I know about Navy is what everyone keeps telling me about Navy... he's known as that pitcher. Obviously he's very good."

"Pitching is what they have, but they have a good team as well.  You don't get here at this point in the season unless you're a good baseball team."

"It's going to be a great challenge."

"I told our guys at the beginning of the year I just gave you guys the toughest schedule in the country.  I think it was ranked the No. 2 schedule in the country behind Georgia."

"These guys have responded all year long to whatever has been thrown their way.  Another challenge tomorrow night and I'm sure they'll be ready."

"We have a team 1-9 who has power... you can't take time off throughout the game, you don't get any breathers.  We wear pitchers down."

"Chance probably has the most power of anybody I've coached, him or Chris Combs who played for me my first year here.  One of those two has the most power I've ever coached."

"Chance never takes a play off.  He runs harder to first than probably anybody we have... he plays the game so hard and is such a great example on the field."

"All three have a lot of the same qualities... the moral of that story is to recruit a little more in Richmond.

Chance Shepard
"We're excited. We're not trying to look too far past that first game."

"I don't know too much about a streak... I'm relaxed more and letting things happen.   It's a good time to get hot."

Andrew Knizner
"We've been quality teams... it shows us we can compete with the best teams and win those games."

"It shows what type of team we are. We're a tough team and we've been able to fight through adversity."

"Now we're even tougher. We're ready for the challenge of postseason."

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