Barber: "It Was A Good Workout"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State point guard Cat Barber met with the media after working out on Friday with the Charlotte Hornets.

How was the workout today?
It was a good workout.  The energy was good... overall it was a good workout.

What are you trying to show the coaches watching?
I'm trying to show my leadership... I know how to play the game and be a point guard.  I can just go out there and do what I can.

You're a scoring point guard. How much will that help you make the transition?
It helps me a lot.  In college there's a lot of packed in, help defenses and in the NBA it's kind of spread. 

I think my game translates better to the NBA than college.

You're also a local kid... NC State. What does it feel like to be able to workout for the hometown Charlotte Hornets?
It feels good, knowing that I was down the road for a couple of years.  Coming here, it felt like home. It was a good environment.

A lot of people knew me... I went out to get food yesterday and a lot of people were like, 'that's Cat Barber.' That felt good.

How much do you know about the Hornets?
I know a lot. I came to I think the last regular season game. It would be great to come in and play behind Kemba Walker.

That would be good.

What about your game will translate to the NBA level?
My quickness, my speed. The way I dribble the ball... get in there and score, get to the foul line, shoot the pull-up.

How many of these workouts have you done?
This is my 11th.  I've been on the road.

What has that been like?
It's a lot... you make sure you get your rest.  Traveling with the time change, workouts back-to-back.  It's tough.

A lot of people wish they could have this opportunity so I take advantage of it.

A lot of guys decided to go back to school. Why did you decide to stay in the draft?
First, I have a little daughter, and I'm playing for her now. I have to provide for her, do what I have to do to take care of her.

I felt like there was nothing left for me to do at NC State. So me, my coaches, and my family, we made the decision. Well, I made the decision but they backed it up.

You've done 11 of these... do you see a pattern?
Yeah, going into these workouts... they are kind of similar.

What was your experience like when you went to the Hornets game?
It was good.  Being on the floor, a lot of people knew who I was, taking pictures.

It was great to see the NBA game live and right there on the floor.

What is your impression of the fans?
A lot of them came up to me... 'I hope you're coming here,' just talking to me, having a good time.

Do you have a sense of your draft range?
Not right now, but my agent is telling me it's 20 and over.

How many workouts you have left?

Do you know which teams?
Spurs, Boston, and the Pelicans.

How did your experience at NC State prepare you for this?
It was good.  Going through ups and downs my first couple of years, but it prepared me good.

Coach Gottfried and those guys... they helped me grow as a man, coming into a situation like this.

Are you going to go back and graduate at some point?
Yes, I probably will.

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