Porcher Taking Recruiting Slowly

Orlando (FL) defensive lineman Robert Porcher isn't rushing the recruiting process as he recovers from an injury. Pack Pride has the latest on his recruiting.

Robert Porcher IV is a defensive lineman who has been heavily recruited by schools from his home region of the Southeast as well as those from almost every other part of the country.

Porcher (6-3, 240) will start thinking about his recruiting schedule soon but not until after he takes care of what's been ailing him. Dating back to last spring Porcher has had torn ligaments in one of his thumbs. It did not slow him down too much last year as he played through the pain.

The Orlando (FL) Dr. Phillips defensive lineman will have surgery on his thumb this Friday. Because of the upcoming procedure Porcher has not scheduled a big travel tour yet. He will not be camping anywhere this summer because of the surgery. The estimated recovery time is 4-6 weeks.

"There will be some schools that I go to during camps or something just to go watch and hang out. I won't be working out though. I'll start rehabbing as soon as I get done. It's just better to take care of now but I won't be camping anywhere. I haven't really come up with what schools I'm gonna go see. But there's a lot of schools I know I want to go to though."

Porcher said he has already started to go through the schools that have offered to create a list of favorites in his own mind.

"I'm just taking it day by day, seeing what schools have to offer and what they want me to play. Just little things like that."

That won't be the only factor that Porcher considers when he is narrowing his list or when he's ready to make his decision, but it will be one of the factors he considers.


"There's a lot of schools that want me to play either defensive tackle or end. I prefer defensive end. But I mean if there's a school that wants me to play [tackle] and that's the best fit for me then I guess that's what I would do. I'm just thinking about things like that."

Porcher did not say which schools are recruiting him to play end versus tackle and seemed to indicate that situation is still apt to change with coaches at many colleges still asking him what he would prefer to do. At the end of the day Porcher is likely to have a number of options to play either position so his choice will have to involve other considerations.

He said Nebraska, Michigan, Arizona and Indiana are some of the schools that have been recruiting him the hardest. Central Florida is the only school from Porcher's home state that is actively recruiting him so distance is not as big a consideration as it might be for some other players nearby.

When the topic of NC State came up Porcher quickly said the Wolfpack is involved as much as almost any other school.

"Yeah I like NC State. Yeah I definitely liked them when I visited up there. That was a good trip. They're a good school."

He has not said that he will or won't visit NC State again when it comes to summer travel after his surgery and recovery.

Porcher did say that he has good relationships with assistant coaches at Nebraska and Michigan but he also said he's on good terms with defensive line coaches at all of the schools in regular communication with him.

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