NBPA: Weatherspoon Updates Recruitment

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Star combo guard Nick Weatherspoon updates his recruitmen at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

How important is playing defense to you?
I think most guys don't like to play defense so I try to separate myself from everybody by doing it on the defensive end too.

Do you plan to play straight point guard at the college level?
I really think I am kind of like a combo. I like to score the ball too. I know how to operate the offense too so it's pretty much both.

Why did you postpone your previous schedule visit to NC State and North Carolina? Did you have flight issues?
It was something with my mom. I couldn't make it.

Would you still like to visit?
I will be there after this camp.

Do you know what day?
I'm not sure.  I leave Sunday so maybe Monday.

What do you know about NC State?
I know [Gottfried] let's his guard go. I watched them with Cat Barber, and I know he let Cat Barber do a lot. I am pretty sure he will let Dennis do some of that too. I will be looking this season also.

Is that NC State's pitch to you?


How much has Coach Schroyer been in contact during the process?
He has been guiding it real good... he calls me and asks me how I doing. Him checking on my family is big. He shows he really cares and that is something that off the court that I really appreciate.

Was it in Atlanta where you blew up?
Yeah it was Atlanta. It changed a lot. I got a lot of offers then, from UNC was the biggest one. Louisville, they called me on the road... Atlanta was real big.

What is your schedule in July like?
I have got to go to South Carolina, I go to Wisconsin then we go back to North Carolina and Vegas, so it will be real busy.

I am not sure the camps I will go to yet.

How meaningful is it to be at this camp?
It is very big because of some of the guys in the NBA have been in this camp...It is just big to be here against this talent.

What are your thoughts on UNC?
There is a lot of guys, pro guys, that have came from there, like Harrison Barnes... and I just know the type of coach Roy Williams is. I know he gets on his guards... makes them tough and developed them.

What is their pitch to you?
They said they are going to let me get up and down the floor. Roy Williams called me. He has told me how great of a guard I am and how I play on the defensive end.

How has the experience in Charlottesville been so far?
It has really good. The talent level, it is real hard to kind of score the ball but you just have to get used to it and pick your way.

North Carolina has a commitment from Jalek Felton. How well do you know Jalek?
Actually we are staying in the same dorm room.... he's telling me North Carolina is a great school and he's committed there... we're staying in the same room... so we have to talk about it.

Have you been following the Malik Newman sweepstakes?
Yeah, actually I seen him before I flew here. He was at the airport, and I asked him where he was fixing to go, and he said he was going to NC State. I was talking to him about playing together, and he said he'd think about it. [Laughing] Malik doesn't like to tell much.

Outside of NC State, UNC and Louisville who is coming at you hard?
Mississippi State. That is one of the biggest ones because they are just at home and my mom really likes them because my brother is there. Me and my brother have a really good relationship.

I went to almost all of their games and know almost all the plays. Coach Howland will develop... I really watched him and he coached Russell Westbrook and those guys, that's very big.

Has your brother been recruiting you?
Yes, he's trying to recruit me sometimes.  He'll say come to Hail State.  He got me a cowbell.

Do you have a timeframe for a choice?
Either the end of the summer or later in the school year.

Do you have a major in mind?
I want to be a physical therapist.

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