Morgan's a Major Target

If Coach Chuck Amato and the N.C. State Wolfpack are going to land DaJuan Morgan, then they have to beat out some of the best programs in the country.

"Florida, Miami, Florida State, South Florida, Ohio State, NC State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Georgia, and Auburn are some of the schools I'm looking at," DaJuan told StateFans. "All of them have offered me a full scholarship except for Miami and Florida State."

With such a lengthy list it's easy to suggest that Morgan's wide-open, but that's actually not the case.

"Florida's probably my leader then Miami, N.C. State, and Ohio State. So if I go out-of-state it will be either N.C. State or Ohio State and if I stay in it will be Florida or Miami."

DaJuan's considered what we label today a true "athlete" who's played five different positions at Suncoast High School. Colleges like him at different spots as well.

"All of them have offered me at Cornerback or Wide Receiver except for Georgia. They sent me a scholarship as a safety. N.C. State offered me as a Wide Receiver but Coach Holiday said I could play both sides of the ball. He said that they just want to get the ball in my hands."

Suncoast Head Coach Jimmie Bell is proud of his star player, who's not only a credit to his program but also the Riviera Beach community.

"I'll show you how much respect I have for DaJuan," Bell said. "I'm allowing him to wear Anthony Carter's number and no one has worn that jersey since Carter twenty-five years ago. He exhibits every trait that I want to see in an athlete and person, and that's how much respect I have for him."

Growing up in South Florida, the common program to follow is the Miami Hurricanes, and DaJuan's certainly not an exception to that theory.

"I've liked Miami since I was little, I like the program, and all the players that go to the NFL from Miami are either the Rookie of the Year or runner-up."

The Hurricanes just announced that they are joining the Atlantic Coast Conference in a couple of seasons. Morgan feels the move will benefit the already strong Miami program.

"I think it will be good for them to join the ACC. Now we get a chance to really see how good they are because they will play a lot of good teams and not just in the championship game."

One ACC school that could give Miami some trouble is Head Coach Chuck Amato and his N.C. State Wolfpack.

"I met Coach Amato in May and I shook his hand. He looks like a good, hard coach. He's a real sharp man who looks like he's been in the Army or Navy," joked Morgan. "N.C. State's not that far away to me and they have a lot of Florida guys in their program so that's good."

With visits coming in December and January, DaJuan already has lined up his first official trip.

"N.C. State's going to be my first visit because we already set that up. I believe it's the first week in December. I also want to visit Florida, Miami, Ohio State, and probably Oklahoma or Tennessee. Those will be my official visits."

Having an older brother who's already been through the recruiting process can only help. It's already benefited DaJuan in one VERY important way.

"My brother's older than me and he goes to South Florida. He was ahead of me and always said to keep my grades up so I have over a 3.0 GPA. Because of that I'm already qualified after taking the SAT last year. I'll probably take it again though just to see how much better I can do."

Morgan stated that he will likely make a late college decision so that he can take all his visits and evaluate each college as much as possible.

"If I feel comfortable with the coaches and players, academics, the program is a winning program, and how many kids go to the NFL. Those are some of the factors I'm going to look at."

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