Doeren: "We Need A Healthy Stable Of Backs"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media at ACC Football Kickoff.

"Our job as coaches is to maximize our abilities to get everything we can out of everyday we can have with our players."

"Teaching how to not underachieve and showing them they can push through boundaries... building chemistry and building leadership."

"As a coach you have a pretty good feel for what a guy can or can't do. We have a lot of conversation about it.  You talk to your training staff about how he is down there, and you talk to your strength staff about how he's pushing through workouts... you have a good idea.  You'll go to practice with them and see one day's work on film."

"It's pretty easy to point out.  For us, if you ask our guys what's rule No. 1 in our program they are going to tell you, no underachievement is allowed. The second thing is no excuses."

"Everything we do to be able to beat  Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, Notre Dame... it's going to be about maximizing what we have and not beating ourselves."

"We need a healthy stable of backs, and right now we are... knock on wood. To end the season last year we had four guys hurt in the backfield so we had to move Nyheim back from the slot and Jaylen Samuels from his H-position in the backfield at times.  If we have a healthy group of guys we have a lot of options."

"They are all different.  Nyheim, Reggie, Johnny and Matt... they are all different.  That's a good thing."

"There were times I didn't think we scored enough points, obviously.  It wasn't a change made because I didn't like our offense.  I wanted to be different than we were, more than anything.  I felt like to be different I needed to have a different guy doing it."

"Just being in this league now for going on four years and realizing what I'm up against, maybe, I'm better than I ever have because I've lost some close games now in back-to-back-to-back years to Clemson or Florida State or Louisville.  We have to be really creative and do some things that other people don't do and put our players in position where they can compete some times against guys that are better than them."

"I thought coach Canada did a really good job for us, but it was about being different more than anything."

"Tempo is part of it... who I ended up hiring, Eli Drinkwitz, our pass game is different. Some of the things he believes in screen-wise is different.  The way he packages things is different.  Obviously being able to play no-huddle, which we did at times... it's more of what we're going to do on a regular basis."

"When you learn a new system, whether you're a transfer who just came in or a player on offense for us, you're going to go through a learning curve.  You're not going to look like the player on the other side of the ball who already knows it.  Our defense in the spring wasn't thinking at all, and our offense was thinking a lot."

"You can't judge too much.   You just keep understanding that it's going to get better and better and better.  That's what we told all those guys... now that we're allowed to coach them in the summer, we re-taught everything again.  Now when you get to fall camp it's the third or fourth or fifth time... you're going to start to see that exponential curve."

"I think it helps him because he's not having to learn it, but it also helps the other two guys because he can answer questions for them.  He's an extension. If he's playing it's one thing, and if he's not it's another.  You have a guy that really knows it.  He's been through it."

"Ryan has been outstanding.  He's been a great teammate, and he didn't act like was different."

"It's a unique situation."

"Both Barlow and Kitchings do a great job.  Anytime I can promote a guy... they aren't going to be calling plays, but it's more of a mentor-ship."

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