Tocho: "It's A Great Feeling"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State senior cornerback Jack Tocho met with the media at ACC Football Kickoff.

"The Notre Dame game is actually the 50th celebration... to be able to play the game in our own stadium and be able to complete against them; it can give us a whole lot of momentum."

"Matt claims for me to be obsessed [with Pokemon] but he knows that because he's out there with me too."

"It's only been the summer; we can just work out so far. We have to see what happens in fall camp."

"Most of the experience coming back from a defensive standpoint and team standpoint... we do have to take it upon ourselves as a defense to stand up and help our offense."

"We have to be able to create turnovers and get momentum back for our offense."

Jack Tocho Press Conference (AUDIO FILE)

"I had a concussion from a play against Clemson... the experience, it was breathtaking... I blacked out and I woke back up and my trainers were over me.  I actually lost a tooth too, but I got it back."

"You have to step back and think... the impact concussions can have on your body and your life."

"It's understandable for some people to quit... as a corner I'm out there covering so I don't make as many tackles as a linebacker or defensive lineman."

"Everybody has goals in life."

"You don't go into a game thinking you're going to get a concussion or go into a game thinking you're going to get hurt."

"I sat out the Boston College game... then I passed the concussion protocol."

"They bring a different skillset to the table. I've played here for three years and for two springs I was playing the same offense and new what was coming."

"I see a new offense that can help me develop my skillset... read different tendencies and become a better player."

"Definitely. As my class grows older, we see more of each other on the field and off the field as well.  It's a great feeling."

"I do believe that.  Everybody gets beat, but to eliminate those plays comes with experience and you learn from your mistakes.  We have learned from our mistakes."

"I don't know about it, but Nyheim is a competitor in general... he brings all that he can to the table."

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