Wolfpack record within Cotchery's grasp
"> Wolfpack record within Cotchery's grasp

The River's Edge

The trek of Philip Rivers to helping the Wolfpack contend for the national championship and a place in the Heisman race has been a long one. Ned Barnett goes as far back as Philip's childhood to give us the story. <br><br><small><b>Other featured stories for 8/16:</b></small> <li> <a href="http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/sports/6552141.htm" target=blank><b>Wolfpack record within Cotchery's grasp</b></a><br>

The Rivers edge
Ned Barnett * News & Observer
When he was the water boy for the high school team his father coached, Philip Rivers would scramble down the sideline whenever the chains came out for a first-down measurement. He'd peer through the thicket of players, spot the distance left and urgently signal to his father with his hands held apart to say: "It's this far, Dad."Read More

Wolfpack record within Cotchery's grasp
Gregg Doyel * Charlotte Observer
"He wasn't like the ones who came before, and for Jerricho Cotchery that was a bad thing. N.C. State football tradition was thick with great receivers, from the lanky Haywood Jeffires to the loping Torry Holt to the spectacular Koren Robinson." Read More

Harvey a legend at Dacula, N.C. State
Todd Cline * Gwinnett Daily Post
"Twelve years, three college football bowls and countless baseball accomplishments since graduating from high school, Terry Harvey is the same humble person long-time Dacula residents remember fondly." Read More

Is it enough to raise Pack to elite level?
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Ross sees shades of '90 in Wolfpack
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Wolfpack will start season as sweet 16
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Poll position: Wolfpack at 16
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Four-casting the season for Heisman
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Target 2005: Toney Baker
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Closing the gap on FSU
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FSU not ready to shed role
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