McClendon: "Its An Open Competition"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore quarterback Jalan McClendon met with the media after the Wolfpack's practice.

How does it feel to be back out there?
It feels great. You worked the whole offseason for these moments ... so it feels good.

How different is the tempo and pace under coach Drinkwitz?
We had a little sample of it in the spring so I think all of us has gotten used to it. I think for the freshmen it could be tougher...just because it's their first practice in college.

As opposed to last year, how much different is the tempo?
You can just tell by the defense, they get tired or whatever, guys just get winded because they're going so fast all the time. That's the biggest difference.

Do you like that no-huddle style?
When you are in the rhythm and you just keep going fast it is hard for the defense to stop.

Do you guys lean on Finley because of his time in the offense?
He came in knowing the offense just because he knew it from Boise but there is a lot all of us have got to learn.

How important is it for you to be a leader on this team?
I feel that these guys, they push me to be a leader. Everybody listens so it is good to hear people say that.

Coach said experience was one of your biggest strengths... what would be your biggest strength this year?
Learning the offense and being a coach on the field, that is my biggest strengths.

Are you treating the offense like it is yours?
We all treat it like it's ours. It's an open competition...we'll just see who comes out...or the coaches will tell the media who wins the battle.

Do you like having this competition?
It's fun because you've got someone to push you every day. It's just fun having that competition that is going to push and then with men pushing him the same.

What is your mindset?  Is it your spot to lose?
That's for the coaches to say. I'm not sure.

What did you learn from Jacoby Brissett?
Just be a leader. He was a good leader and he was a good quarterback. When he was here I just followed him. Everything he did, I did.

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