Joyner Talks Recent Wolfpack Visit

Fort Dorchester (SC) quarterback Dakereon Joyner recently visited NC State and he talks about the trip with Pack Pride.

NC State got off to a rocky start in their pursuit of Dakereon Joyner. Fortunately for the Pack their start was a long time ago and things have turned around since.

Now Joyner (6-1, 180) seems to have real interest in NC State. It wasn't always that way. Joyner is still very young. He's just now going into his junior year of high school in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Joyner has been building a reputation for himself for a few years now. When he was just starting to look around at the colleges in his home region he visited NC State for the first time. That was when he was going into high school.

"I went up there my eighth grade year and I kind of didn't like it. My mother didn't enjoy it. We just had a bad time."

NC State was the first school to ever start recruiting Joyner so that could be one reason he gave them a pass. Although that initial trip didn’t go as Joyner had hoped, he kept an open mind and decided he wouldn't let one bad visit completely ruin his opinion of the Wolfpack. Now he's glad he didn't.

Joyner has also been to Georgia, Clemson and South Carolina this summer but NC State was on his mind recently.

He was at NC State for the Alpha Wolf Showcase and that was his third trip to Raleigh to see the school. Last year he was at NC State for the program's game against Clemson. The last two trips have gone much better than the first.

"The second time was a better trip and this time was the third trip and the most recent one. I got some time with the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and me and him have kind of built a good relationships. A great relationship I can say. Since January we've been talking to each other and getting to know one another. This time up there I had time with the coaches and some of the recruits up there and it was great. It was the best trip I've had up there."

Joyner is a receiver in the eyes of a lot of college football coaches but to Eli Drinkwitz he could be a quarterback. As soon as Drinkwitz told Joyner that he gained a lot of respect from the 2018 player.

"The best thing about NC State for me is the relationship with the offensive coordinator and also Coach D the head coach. Any school that's giving me the opportunity to play quarterback and with a full ride to college, that's great. But I like Coach Drink a lot. He's been at Boise and I forget the other school he's been at but I know he's had great experiences with different kinds of offenses and he knows what he wants to use from those previous offenses. He's going to put all that together and make it his own. It will be a spread kind of like Clemson and North Carolina. It's similar to what my high school does or the exact same thing really."

Joyner is rated a four-star prospect and the No. 43 wide receiver in the nation by

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