Doeren: "Both Sides Made Plays"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Wednesday's practice.

How was day three of practice?
It was good to have shoulder pads on and see the way the guys competed.  It was an up-and-down day. I thought both sides made plays against each other.

It was fun to see how guys responded.  Nyheim [Hines] had some drops at the beginning and made three catches at the end there.  It's a good sign when you see young guys make mistakes and respond... make up for it.

I thought both quarterbacks did some good things. 

Defense up front... I thought the offensive line and defensive line went back-and-forth together.  It was pretty fun to watch.

I asked you about the receivers on day one and you said it was day one. Where are they at now?
[Laughing] Day three... they have a lot of work to do.  Bra'lon is the most consistent, and we expect that.  He's a four-year player for us. 

Nyheim is a guy that can make some plays. Maurice Trowell made some nice plays today.  It was good to see.

We need to get Steph [Louis] going a little bit.  He hasn't done much yet in camp.  He's a guy that we have to get going because he had a really good spring for us.

How does the defensive line look?
Good.  There's good depth. There is strength. 

Fundamentally and maturity-wise, they are way ahead of where they were before. They are getting mad at themselves for little things that they didn't even know existed before.  It's like teaching an upper-level class instead of freshmen.

It's fun to see that.  

Our offensive line has their hands full everyday so they have to come out here and work. I thought they worked hard. They didn't do everything right, but I thought they worked hard.

How does Justin Jones look?
Good.  He's doing good.  

For him, he's missed so much time with different nagging things... to have him everyday, he needs to have that consistent conditioning level so he can be great when he's tired.

How big of a loss was JuMichael Ramos?
It's always big when you lose a senior, especially a tough kid like him. His production, he's a great jumpball guy for us and makes tough catches.

He's a competitor, anytime you lose a guy like that it hurts.

The next man in is Steph. It's his opportunity. Kelvin Harmon is going to get a chance.  He's a freshman... between Steph, Bra'lon Cherry, Trowell, and Kelvin, we have four guys who can catch the ball out there.

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