Jones: "I'm Expecting A Big Season"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Junior defensive tackle Justin Jones talks with Pack Pride.

How are things going at camp?

It's good. We're getting a lot of stuff together, building chemistry. We're getting better as a defensive line... I guess everybody is just in the process of getting better.

A lot of people would say the defensive line would be a strength. Do you believe that?
 I believe so. We've really worked hard and made a lot of gains this summer.  I'm expecting a big season out of us too.

Depth-wise, do you think you have it?
I believe so. we're expecting big things out of our interior guys, especially incoming freshman Shug Frazier.

Who would be the guy off the grid to make an impact?
I'd say James Smith-Williams.

What is it like playing for coach Nielsen?
It's tough love. He loves his players and he'd do anything for us, but he's like our parents, he really gets upset when we don't do well because he'd like to see all his players do well.

What do you need to work on this summer?
Playing when you're tired.  You really can't have too much conditioning.

Even a team with depth, you think conditioning is important?
Conditioning is always important. You can't have too much conditioning.

What type of a season do you see NC State having?
Of course we want to win the whole thing. I'm going to say that.

Do you feel like NC State can compete with the big boys?
Oh yeah... we compete every year. We  compete every year. It's not even a question, to be honest.

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