Doeren: "You Free Your Mind, You Free Your Feet"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Are there guys you know will be a good coach one day?
Absolutely... are you talking about somebody in particular?

Will Niles Clark fall into that category?
Yes, Niles would be a great coach. He's extremely intelligent with a high football IQ, a good communicator, well-organized... if that's what he chooses to do.

Have you talked to him about it?
I asked him last year when I was working with the nickelbacks.  I asked him and he said it's something he's thought about.

You've talked about cutting out the big plays on defense... what is the progression your defense is making now that they have experience?
You've seen a lot fewer mistakes, communication errors. Pre-snap they are communicating well... they know what the other guys is going to do because they've played with each other.  That confidence of looking at each other and knowing what that guy is thinking, how he's going to handle a certain situation; it makes you play faster.

I tell the guys when you free your mind you free your feet.  I think that's happening a lot on the defensive side of the ball.

Is taking away the big plays the big focus on defense?
Yes, it is.  Statistically across the board, we were where we wanted to be in a lot of places, but when you give up big plays for touchdowns... there are going to be big plays in games.  You can't stop offenses that explosive right now, but you can't give up big plays for touchdowns. You have to line up again and play.

That's been the biggest area of focus on that side of the ball. How do you do that? How do you leverage? How do you pursue? How do you play the ball when it's in the air?

Are you ahead of schedule with install?
We're on par with where we thought we'd be. We haven't had to cancel an install, the guys have handled it well.

The guys have done a great job in the summer; we're re-installing things over and over. It's a redundant process.

What type of camp has Eurndraus Bryant had for you?
Outstanding.  I'm not going to say he's unblockable, but he's been pretty close.  He's 330 pounds, and he's rolling right now.

He's moving well. He has unbelievable feet and hips for a guy that big. Thunder has done a great job conditioning him. Last year he'd play two plays and he had to hit the sidelines.  He's able to sustain it now.

How do Niles Clark and Dravious Wright complement each other?
Niles is a crafty guy. He has all that experience at corner and has good awareness of route concepts and things that happen.

Dray is a physical presence in the run game. He's a pressure, blitz guy, and he's worked really hard this summer on his man-to-man and got a lot better at it.

Last year we had a run guy and a pass guy, and now we have two guys. Niles has put on some weight this summer. He didn't want to just be a third-down guy, and he's not anymore.

What have you seen from Sean Paul?
We've finally been able to keep him in practice over a long period of time. Today we had to hold him out, he's a little dinged up, but he's a guy that can really run. He's one of the fastest guys on our roster.

He has great change of direction, he's tough, and he's a contact player.  He's a guy that can help us a lot on special teams and hopefully on defense.

Quarterback Jakobi Meyers... how is he?
Today was the first day he took team reps, so we're finally getting him back to where he can compete and have a chance to be in the rotation. It was good to see him back in there against the defense.

What is Reggie Gallaspy's status?
Reggie sprained his foot again.  It's not the same, a different injury, but it's pretty minor. Hopefully we'll have him back in 7-to-10 days.

The boot?
It's to help him with the rehab process.

With Myers hurt, how has his attitude been?
It's been good. He's mad at himself for spraining his ankle, he was playing basketball; there's not a whole lot he can say about not being out there.

He's worked hard to his credit to get back, and we're excited that he is. Today he was flying around, making plays, and hopefully he can build off today.

You now have all three quarterbacks... it's a three-man race finally.
Well, we'll see about that.  There's three guys in the deal now, and he has to take advantage of the reps. We're about five or six days from cutting the three's out.  

We'll see where we are on Sunday.

The scrimmage Saturday, is it big for competition?
It could be. If we come out of it even, we're in the same place.  If we come out where somebody really took charge and had a bunch of scoring drives, we'll have a conversation. 

We'll see where we're at.  It will be our first opportunity to have game-type situation for those kids.

Has anyone taken charge at receiver?
Yes, there are several guys. Steph and Cherry are very consistent guys; they've been the same guys everyday.  

Kelvin Harmon has been really consistent. He's been one of the most productive guys from a big play standpoint.  

Chandler Belk has had a really productive camp from the slot.

Nyheim is a guy where when we get him the ball he makes plays with it. 

Those five guys have all contributed well. It's about trying to get Maurice Trowell, he had a better day today, back into the flow of things.

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