Doeren: Still No Decision At Quarterback

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Monday's practice.

Thoughts on the quarterbacks in the scrimmage:
We played all three guys. We won't make any decisions for another week, probably.

That was the first time we've went for a whole day.  We're going to do two-minute tomorrow and two-minute again on Friday. We'll try to get to Sunday and hopefully have some clarity then.

We'll see when we get there.  We're not there yet.

Did you like how either one of them played?
I liked how they both played. They both moved the ball, they both had touchdown-scoring drives, neither of them threw an interception.  They both did good things.

Is Jakobi Meyers fully healthy now?
He is. Now it's about getting him back into it. He missed so much time with his injury, he's running around and making plays.

He has to absorb the playbook now and make sure he's functioning within the system.  He will, he's working hard at it.

You were missing some major parts to the offensive line in the spring, how do they look now?
We finally had all five of those guys out there together, so that's been fun, to see the chemistry come together with those five guys.

Behind them we're building depth. [Emanuel] McGirt had a really good day today, we're proud of him.  Bryce Kennedy has been steady as a backup, and Terronne Prescod has got a lot better in this camp.

We're building it.

Do you feel better about your depth now than in the spring?
Definitely than I do in the spring.

We'd love to get Kendall Brown going, our freshman.  He's really an impressive athlete. He's just been hindered with some little things.  

That would help us even more at tackle, just to get one more guy.

We saw the video of the walk-ons getting scholarships.  How rewarding is that?
It's a true honor, especially two seniors, Clark Eyers and Josh Taylor.  They've been here for a while and have earned it. They both had different journeys to talk about, but it's an honor to be able to do that.

Ford Howell transferred to a junior college from Wake Forest and then walked on here.   He's played on every special team for the last year.  

It's an honor to be able to do that.  I was happy for them.

Do you have an opinion on the 8-2 or 9-1 ACC schedule model?
Just the talks I've heard, and I haven't seen it yet, but if you go with the eight-model, the inventory you have to pick that extra game.  Is it real or not, to be able to say you can get the games you think you can get?

If I could see the inventory I could give you a firm answer... what games would really be available? Now a lot of the other Power 5s are in nine-game schedules, other than the SEC.  

I just need to see a little more on it.  If there's not the inventory, we'd have to go with the nine-game schedule.

Would you be opposed to playing Duke or Virginia as a nonconference game?
It depends on whatever else we have that year, but no.  If that would fill out our nine games that would be great.

Have you noticed more quarterbacks being injured than in years past?
I haven't noticed that.

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