Frasier: "We're A Big Family"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State redshirt freshman tailback Johnny Frasier is ready for the season opener.

Coach Doeren has mentioned a lot this week about you putting together back-to-back good days. How does that make you feel?
Sometimes I get down on myself, and when you hear stuff like that you realize you shouldn't get so down on yourself because you're doing well.

He keeps pushing me to have better days and hopefully I'll get to the level where I can contribute to a huge part of the team's success.

How do you feel about camp?
I feel a whole lot better. I feel more acclimated to how college football is practiced, played... I feel pretty good.

Did you have an idea of what it would be?
It's hard. I should have had the mindset that it would be harder than what I'd been going through, but I guess I didn't have that mindset when I came in. Now I do, and I realize that it's going to be tough and all you have to do is push through it.

That's what makes the good players great.

How have guys like Matt Dayes helped you?
All of the people I'm looking up to like Matt, Dakwa, and Reggie, they are great. They are doing whatever they can do to help me and help contribute to the team's success.

We're a big family. Everybody loves each other and whatever we can do to make somebody else better that's what we'll do.

How would you describe yourself as a running back?
I think that when I get the mindset of how to use my body in the way college football coaches want, I think I'll be a great aspect to the team and contribute a lot.

Is it a big difference from 1-A football at Princeton?
Oh yea, it's a lot harder, but when I was on the scout team I realized I could play with these guys. Now I feel like I can play with anybody in the country.

Princeton isn't that far from Raleigh. How many people are you going to have at the first game?
It's going to be insane. The whole town of Princeton will probably be there.

The opener is almost here... has the realization set in?
During the day I'm focused on making sure of the gameplan, but when I lay down at night the thought hits me that we'll play in ten, nine days.

It's been a long time coming.

How fast did that redshirt year go? Did it seem slow?
At first I was disappointed in myself that I wasn't playing, but once I started practicing, I was like I'm a sophomore now and ready for the next camp.

What's the support been like from Wolfpack Nation?
They are awesome. They are amazing. They are just like the players. They encourage me every time they see I need it, or even if I don't need it. They'll tell me to keep pushing.

It's one huge family. I'm glad it's like that.

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