VIDEO: Doeren Remains Silent On Starting Quarterback

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Tuesday's practice.

Have you made a decision on who will get the first snap at quarterback?

We know who is going to be out there first, but it doesn't help us to tell you.

How much separation was there in the last four days?
It was close. The game-week prep really didn't play into it.  Both of them have worked really hard this week.

We're excited to see the preparation come out on the field and how it plays into scoring drives or not.

Fall camp was close. There was definitely a guy who had a better completion rate and a better touchdown rate than the other guy.  That's where we're at.

You said Friday you're only promising the first series and then both will play and go from there.  Is that still the plan?
You have to be careful about length of drives and give a guy a chance to get in a flow.

I don't think being a robot... this series or this many plays.  You want to get them both in there, preferably in the first quarter, if possible.

If you have two one-play drives that's no different than if you have a 14-play drive and a 10-play drive.

We're going to have to see how the game goes and after that evaluate where we're at, at the half.  Who is moving the ball better... how we're playing... who's moving the ball better, and go with it.

How different will the running game look?
It will look different. There are some plays very similar and there are some plays that aren't.  I think how he runs perimeter-run plays and how we did it last year... Jacoby Brissett was a little bit different than these two guys, as far as his running skills, and that plays into it too.

How did you tell your starting quarterback that he would get the first snap?
I met with them both.

What day?
I don't know. Does it matter?  I met with them both.

Defensive line for NC State and the offensive line for William and Mary, that seems like the matchup for the game.
They have a lot of experience for them on offense period, really. They have a lot of guys that were all-conference players.

You're matching experience with experience... for us to play the way we want on either side of the ball the linemen have to play really well.

Any changes with the kickers?
You'll see them both. It's been fun to watch that. That's been really tight.  You want to see how gameday affects them, but they've done a nice job. They've taken a lot of kicks and both have good distance.

That will definitely be one you look at in the game and see how they are looking in pregame too.

Have you decided which will take the first kick?
I've decided.

Can you reveal that?
No.  What I talk about with the team isn't necessary what I have to talk to you about, right?

I have to ask.
I understand.

Ending the streaks at Boston College and Wake Forest you stressed that last year, have you talked to them about being better at home?
Yes, we have.  We've talked a lot about it.

To take the next step as a program, you have to be a team that doesn't let your opponent come into your stadium and play well.  You may not win everyone of them, but you have to play great at home.

We talk about closing gaps in our league, there's three teams I haven't beat since I've been in the Atlantic. 

We talk about it. There's no doubt.

Can you change who you are? For NC State, since 1953 has a winning percentage of 51%. You are what you are, or can you change what you are?
Absolutely.  You can elevate a program, and I think you can elevate a person.  We have a lot of guys on our team we've done that with. That's what development is.

There's a lot of programs across the country you can look at as proof.  Look at what Baylor did.  Look at what Kansas State did. There were programs that were nothing until they turned it around, and then they built on that.

That's what we're trying to do now.

Have you been able to stay healthy these last few days?
Yes, we did.  It's been really good, and the recovery part the last week has been positive for the guys.

The quarterback race, was it more focused on who can lead us to the best record?
It's who would get the first start. That's all it was.  It's a long season and I expect both of them to play.

Whoever starts this first game isn't necessarily the starter for the 2016 season. That's the thing you guys have to understand.  

They both are unproven quarterbacks that have a lot of ability, work really hard, and have good skillsets.  It's a different situation than what we had last year.  Last year we had an experienced guy and an inexperienced guy.  We don't have that right now.

We need both of these guys to develop, and they won't always be great.  It's not how it works.  You don't always play great. The defense sometimes does a good job.  

How do they respond when they don't play well?  All of those things will matter.

How excited are you for the game?
It's time.

The players will tell you they are tired of hitting each other.  The coaches will tell you we want to get on the field and see what these guys can do.

It's time to go play and celebrate the twelve opportunities you're guaranteed.

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