Doeren: "There Were A Lot Of Things We Did Well"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the 48-14 win over William & Mary.

"I'm obviously excited to be 1-0. It was good to get out there and play the game."

"I thought there were a lot of things we did well. Offensively, the tempo, seeing the guy execute with the way we ran the football."

"I thought the receivers really blocked in space, and we were efficient in the passing game.  We took where it was... it was good to see a bunch of those guys touch the ball."

"Defensively, other than the first drive of each half, I thought they played really well."

"We did not handle [Detmon] well."

"It was fun to be out there with the players."

"I'm disappointed in the penalties, really disappointed.  Particularly some of the stupid stuff. Taking a helmet off after we get a big play, act like you've been there before. Stuff that we have to get fixed and will get fixed this week."

"It's a good start, a really good start, when we play a team like that."

"He got our guys where they needed to be, he had good checks."

"With exception to a couple of plays, I thought he played really smart."

"The things Eli stressed, I thought you saw."

"Anytime you can run the football, it creates different things in our passing game, different things in our screen game. You're going to get the looks people expect to get."

"People can play a light box."

"We were able to run stretch, get outside. We were able to run inside zone and power."

"When you have the ability to be a run-pass offense it's a lot easier than standing there with a target on your chest."

"He averaged six yards a carry with two touchdowns."

"The biggest thing is conditioning right now.  I would love to see him play a little more. It was good to get other guys in the game, I'm not saying that, but he got tired. I think playing at that tempo, it just takes time."

"We scored 28 points in the first half I believe when he was in there."

"He has to learn from it and get better."

"One guy is really comfortable and doing everything and the other guy is getting it down; great arm.  The throw he made to Kelvin late in the game was a great pass. We just need to keep getting him reps and getting him more and more comfortable. That will come with time."

"I'm assuming Ryan would [start next week] after the way he just played.  We'll sit down as a staff and sit down tomorrow, watch the film."

"He ran a sneak on fourth-and-one which he shouldn't have done.  That was not the play called.  Turn around and hand the ball off to your tailback.  I know he was trying to make a play.  That's what I like about this team right now; there are guys eager to make plays, and they are not bashful about it."

"That's what is going to happen. As a defense against the offenses you'll face these days, you have to be able to go the sideline, level-headed, and make adjustments."

"Overall, if you look at the body of work, we had two interceptions and held them to 168 yards and 14 points. They were averaging a lot more than that as an offense."

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