LOCKER ROOM REPORT: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several of NC State's players met with the media after the win over William & Mary.

"I think we did pretty good coming out with the fast-paced tempo.  We had a lot of good playcalls."

"He played good.  He did everything he had to do.  He controlled the offense. When we went fast he put everybody in place. He's a great leader."

"Coach told us the other day in the meeting, like two days before the game."

"We've been practicing with both quarterbacks all summer, all camp so we were kind of used to both quarterbacks being in there."

"He's used to the offense."

"We need somebody to put us in place basically."

"It's a little bit similar.  Some of the things are different."

"One drive we ran the same play about all the way down the field. We just ran the ball."

"I know coach Drink came out in the second half and was like we're going to run the football until they stop it, basically."

"I feel good about what we did."

"It was fun being back on the field. It was tough watching last year, so to be back on the field was a blessing for me."

"It was a great feeling. I should have had three, but things happen on the goalline.  It was fun out there; I had fun playing with my teammates so I'm excited to play next week."

"We didn't and we have to live with it, but we won."

"It's hard winning football games, so if you win a football game you should take pride in that."

"We're going to do our stuff, running the ball, throwing the ball, and getting the playmakers the ball."

"I'm very comfortable with it. I was kind of skeptical about it at first, but I really enjoy it and I love playing in it. It's a lot of fun."

"He did his homework and looked at what our guys are good at."

"As long as we're winning I'm good with it."

"As a defense I feel like we played pretty good. We played fast and hard, and all together we were a brotherhood."

"Some things we have to take off the film, some of the penalties we had today."

"The first game is always a good test."

"They have some good talent."

"You get to gauge yourself and see all the hard work you put in."

"Our main goal was to eliminate the big plays, and we focused on that today.  We did it for the most part."

"We got two picks from Jerod Fernandez and josh Jones, and it was good to see those guys running around."

"As soon as we came to the sideline for that drive coach said we had to finish, we couldn't let up."

"Winning a game in college football isn't easy."

"It was fun stopping the run, but we have to go about what we talk about... only 60 yards rushing, I think we did a good job of stopping the run, one of our top goals."

"I thought he made some good decisions, and he was really good getting us lined up and being a leader out there.  I was definitely impressed by that."

"Ryan did a really good job today."

"I'm just blocking; some of the plays I'm not as familiar with as you guys are until I watch the film."

"We put our head down and went to work. We did what we had to do."

"He did a really good job.  It's been a smooth transition for both of us."

"Matt's one of the best players I've ever been around.  He makes cuts, sets your blocks up, it's something I've never played with.  I'm glad he's on my team, and he's a great guy too... a good leader.  He's an all-around good guy."

"We had some great drives to start the game. That was fun. I'm excited we got the win."

"I was a little nervous, but more excited to get out there and play."

"I didn't figure out until close to gametime. I knew we both were going to play."

"We wanted to pound the rock and get those guys going up front. I thought they did a really good job. When you have backs like Matt, Jay Sam, Reggie and those guys, you just want to get the ball in space and get them going downhill."

"It's been a great experience so far. I'm excited to get the first win.  It's exciting to get to work and get ready for ECU."

"I thought we had a good gameplan."

"At the end of the day, we just executed. We got our athletes the ball in space."

"All I can do is control what I can control."

"I'm just a game manager out there honestly. I'm just trying to get them the ball."

"We're in this thing together. We're a quarterback unit... we'll keep battling and compete in practice."

"I thought my completion percentage was good. I didn't force anything, have any turnovers. That's always a good thing."

"I might of got a little greedy. I probably should have just handed the ball to Matt Dayes on that one."

"A lot of confidence. We got the win. That's all that matters."

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