Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the loss at East Carolina.

"It was a tough loss."

"I think we'll bounce back on Saturday."

"It was missed opportunities... I had a guy wide open in the flat and missed him."

"I had a minute and no timeouts in that situation."

"As a whole team we had missed opportunities all around."

"It's not about how  you start but how you finish... we can still have a great season."

"I feel like we played a good game today. We hada  lot of mistakes, things we can fix."

"We can't dwell on this. We have to put our head down and keep working... we can't doubt ourselves. We have to keep playing."

"After every loss it's going to be a sad locker room. We know what we need to work on... just go to work."

"They had a good crowd... it felt like an in-state game."

"I don't really let the crowed get to me."

"Defensively we had too many penalties. We have to play better."

"That's what the ref called and we have to play through it.  The penalties throughout the game hurt us."

"Personally as a defense I can speak for them, giving up 33 points is too much. We have to continue to make plays."

"They played a great game, but as a team you want to limit those as much as you can."

"The lack of executing... I don't think it was too difficult or anything. We have to play better and make plays."

"It's a collective effort. We have to have a better pass rush and better coverage.  It's a team thing."

"It was definitely a humbling experience."

"I wish we can change a lot of things, but unfortunately we can't."

"We have to put it behind us and get better next week."

"It will definitely be a learning experience for us."

"He's definitely a talented quarterback, but I feel like it was more of our responsibility than him."

"We made a lot of mistakes that they capitalized on."

"I feel I'm a power back, but I feel like I can do some things in space too."

"ECU's defense was doing pretty good."

"It hurts, but we still have a long season ahead of us."

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