DOEREN: "I'm Not Pointing Fingers At Them"

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- Dave Doeren met with the media after the loss to East Carolina.

Opening Statement:
There's a lot of them... the wide open wheel route we had down the sideline was a touchdown, the two field goals.  We've made those over and over in practice.

That's... you make one of the two, it's overtime.  Points off the board.

There were some third downs.  We had a 3rd-and-11 and we line up in the neutral zone. We stop them on that play and they get another third down and converted.  Those are the kind of things I've been talking about since the season ended. We have to be a more mature team.

We have to do all the things right to become a better team.

More from Doeren on penalties...
The penalty is a focus thing.  Just lining up offside... that's total concentration.

What did you say in the locker room?
I told them we have ten games left and we can decide what we want to do with them right now.  I'm not pointing fingers at them. I said I lost the game, you lost the game, we lost the game.  We need to get back to work and go win one together.

We haven't seen that two-point configuration. What was behind the decision?
It's something that coach Ledford had done at App. State, and he runs that unit. We hadn't shown it, and we knew if we lined up in it quick and we had numbers... and we did.  They had two guys out there and we had three.  If we catch that, we walk in and get two points.  I thought it was a good playcall, we just didn't execute it.

Did you need the two points?
We were trying to score points there. They are a high-scoring offense and when you're an uptempo offense, we see a lot of teams do that, who run those kind of systems to get points.  If the points are there to take, we're going to try and take them.

The decision on the fake field goal... that's four points.
It is, and it definitely is. They had a look, and we thought we had it.  They lined up in it, and we didn't block the guy we thought we should have blocked.  He made the tackle. Again, it comes down to execution on that play.

They had one guy up we were optioning it, and one guy back and we were blocking him. Somebody from the backside made the play.  He made a nice play on it.  I wouldn't have called it if I didn't think it was a good play.

It seemed like Matt Dayes wasn't able to get going early.
I'll have to look at it to tell you, I don't know if it was the blocks or he wasn't seeing it... he got going in the second half a little bit.

What was the biggest problem on defense?
I think third down hurt us in the second half.

There were some plays early in the first quarter where we were too aggressive.  They got behind us.  No. 11 down the sideline, that was a play we should have been able to defend. We have a guy outside to cover him.

I think we were a little bit amped up... third down defense is something we need to be better at, and in the second half we weren't.

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