Moore: "We Have To Be Football Players And Make Plays"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior linebacker Airius Moore discusses the upcoming game with the media.

Airius Moore PC (AUDIO)

You're a serious guy. Defensively, what did you see? What would you like to see fixed from your group?
As a group, I think we just got to execute better. We played really well on first down. We got to a lot of second and longs. We just got to execute better as far as getting off the field on third down, second and long, you know, keeping them behind the chains.

I don't think they had a lot of big plays, which I know was something we've talked about. Last year was a problem giving them big plays.

When you're kind of getting nickeled and dimed to death like you were in the second half on Saturday, what could be the ways to amend that? More of a pass rush, more sure tackling? I'm not sure. You tell me what you think you saw.
I just think we have to be football players and make plays. All those things, being a more sure tackler, pass rusher, they're all worked into it. All that could help me.

What are some of the things defensively that you feel like you did well and that you can build on for this week?
Like I said, we played great first down defense. We got them behind the chains a lot. The thing that we got to do is continue to play good defense. We can't just play good first down and then mess up on second down by a screen pass here or a messed up coverage here or a missed tackle here. We got to make sure we continue to execute all the way through and get off the field.

How difficult is it to deal with short crossing routes and picks and runs and stuff teams do now because you'll probably see a lot of that going forward.
We watch film. We should know when it's coming. Obviously, it's hard to go against. We get time to prepare for it. We got to make sure we execute.

During the week of course. Is there any advantage of preparation having some recall after playing a team like Old Dominion last year?
Definitely. We played [them three years] in a row. That's definitely a good thing, familiarity. Also going against our offense we go against spread offense every day now. I think that's also going to help.

Same question that I asked Ryan, how do you kind of shut out us, the fans who are coming down on you now that you lost the game on Saturday and just kind of put your head down and go back to work as a player? You guys seem to do better at that than the rest of the world.
After a loss as a team, you got to accept it and then move past it. We're just all trying to be motivated by what happened, the miscues and all those different things and just really focusing one day at a time on practice. Then, when it comes to the game, make sure and execute.

This is obviously a bounce back week. What do you do as one of the leaders on this team to make sure that you and your team mates can get that done?
Obviously, you let them know season's not over. It's a long season. Just make sure you keep everybody accountable. Make sure everybody's continuing to work hard and make sure that we practice even harder this week because we know what happened last week when you don't do what you're supposed to do. Just make sure these same things don't happen.

A lot of the ECU players after that one were talking about how the talk leading up to the game really kind of bothered them and stuck with them. Does that just go along with being a rivalry or more to it than that?
Personally, I don't talk. I don't really get on social media all that much. I didn't know much about the talking. It's a rivalry game. You're going to have some of that. I was unaware of all the talking, to be honest.

Is it harder to not pay attention to that stuff after a game like [media, fans, etc...]?
I think as a player it's a lot easier because you know what you're supposed to do. You know what you have to do. You're not really worried about those things, what we need to do as a team. We're really going to focus on that this week, just making sure we're using what happened last week as motivation for this week all through practice and in the game.

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