Finley: "We're Moving On"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State redshirt sophomore quarterback Ryan Finley met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Old Dominion.

Ryan Finley Press Conference (AUDIO)

Now you've had a chance to watch the game, what did you like about what you did and what the offense did.
Yeah, just going back, same thing after the game. Just a lot of missed opportunities. A lot of plays left on the field. It's a tough loss. We're moving on, excited about old dominion.

Did you like anything?
Yeah. There was some great stuff. Obviously we had over five hundred yards total offense. That's definitely a plus. At the end of the day we still lost.

I thought we had a good pass attack. I thought we had a good game plan just didn't execute on a couple plays here and there. That could have changed the game. We had a play dialed up in the endzone, missed Jay Sam in the endzone. We had Matt running down the sideline wide open, we missed him.

After two games, State continues to run the ball well, better than two hundred yards a game. Most of the time when you rush for two hundred you win. What's your overall view of the state running game after two times out?
We have a balanced attack with Matt and Reggie we're going to keep feeding them the rock. O-line's done a real great job these first two games. We just got to keep building on that.

I think we lose sometimes, media, fans, when you lose the season's not over. As players, you guys seem to compartmentalize losses than everybody else. How do you kind of try to put this in your rear view mirror and move on so that it's not the end of the world?
You have it. It's a long season. We got a lot of football left. It's one loss. All our goals are still intact. We just got to keep attacking every week, be one and o every week. Nothing we can do about it now. It's over with.

You guys got off to a slow start in the first quarter offensively. To what would you attribute that?
I'm not sure what exactly. We got to start faster. When you get down twelve zero like that you're digging yourself out of a hole the rest of the game. We definitely bounced back in that second quarter. We had three touchdown drivers, which was good, should have had four in that second quarter.

You didn't have really the opportunity in the first game the ECU came up and played up and played a little bit more man coverage on Saturday. You had some downfield throws. Are you encouraged by the future of this team's ability to stretch the field vertically that way?
Yeah. We're going to throw it. We're going to throw it vertical. We're going to run it too. We have a balanced attack. That was definitely nice to see that, definitely something to build on.

How have the coaches kind of shaped this week ahead for you to concentrate on?
It's just our next game. It's the most important game of the season just because it's the next one. We got to get a win. We got to get one and o. All our focus right now is on Old Dominion.

I recently learned that you spent last season actually in the booth with Coach Drinkwitz. What did you think you picked up from that that has kind of helped you obviously move forward?
I think it's just a different perspective, just kind of seeing defenses, identifying defenses. In our game plan we have a lot of checks to kind of see it from up top and see what to look for. It's just a good perspective to have when you're down the field.

Do you feel like you've settled in so far as the leader of the offense?
Yeah. It's been great so far. I'm excited to keep going.

On the sidelines, too, there are some leaders that you see, voicing their opinion, talk through a lot of different things. You don't do as much of that to yourself. Are you more of a reserved guy? Or, do you think that's just perception?
I think I do have both. With having Drink on the sideline he's kind of our energy guy. I just focus on my job, getting our guys the ball and just doing my job to the best of my ability.

I think I've asked you this. There was a debate between you and Dayes. Who do you think would win?
I'd win.

You win?
For sure.

On the scale of talkers, Jay Sam were up here, you got Daze somewhere over here.
You mean like on the field?

Yeah. Jay does not shut up. I don't care what anybody says.
He does talk. He should though. He's a great player.

Does he coach you on any of this stuff? Or, do you dislike us or are you uncomfortable with this setting or is it more of you're not a talkative person in general?
I just think part of the cool thing about college football is we do so much in house. We kind of have a family. We keep stuff to ourselves. That's part of the fun.

Samuels... does the offense have to be tweaked somewhat with his unique skillset?
Of course. When you have a guy who can make plays like that, you've got to give him the ball as much as you can.

What were your impressions of Stephen Louis' breakout game on Saturday?
Yeah, like I said, he was at the game. He was definitely primed and ready for that. Steph's definitely one of the hardest workers. He was definitely ready for a breakout game. That was definitely nice to see him make some nice plays. That long touchdown he had was awesome.

I can guess the answer. You're going to tell me this is in house. You almost killed the kid. Did he give you a hard time about the first pass.
Yeah, definitely, as he should. I almost got him killed.


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