Chubb Looking To Correct Mistakes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Junior defensive end Bradley Chubb talks with Pack Pride.

NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb liked what he saw on the practice field this week after Saturday's loss at East Carolina.

"It was good, a lot better than last week," he said.  "We came out with a lot of energy. Guy's are starting a new game plan now so it's real good.

"[We have more energy] because we know the feeling of a loss now. It shouldn't take a team to take a loss to understand how important practice is, but unfortunately it did. We just came out with energy, just trying to improve, and trying not to have that same feeling again."

One of the team's captains, Chubb is anxious to get back out on the field to correct the glaring mistakes that stick out following a defeat.

"A lot of guys look back and see their mistakes," he said.  "I'm one of them.  I had two penalties, unfortunately. You see your mistakes and you just know you're better than that, everybody knows they're better than that. The team just came out here ready to work, ready to prepare for the next opponent."

How do you correct the mistakes?  Well, Chubb says it starts with moving on and focusing on what lies ahead.

"Just have short-term memory," he stated.  "The 24-hour rule is what we talk about here. Just focus on the next opponent, just know what you can do better and learn from it.

"We're just focused, locked-in, and ready for the next opponent."

That next opponent is Old Dominion.  The Monarchs enter the game 1-1 on the season and lost last week 31-7 at App State.  Don't expect the Wolfpack to look past ODU.

"No, definitely not," Chubb said when asked if the Pack would.  "Like I said last week, 'It's a faceless opponent, we treat everybody the same.' Just come in, study the game plan. We don't get too big because it's Notre Dame or too big because it's Florida State, everybody's the same team; that's what we're trying to do this week."

For the defense, it will start up front with Chubb and the rest of the defensive line.  The Monarchs feature a dual-threat quarterback and dynamic running back, so it's critical the defensive front continues to play well.

"I think we done pretty good, we could always do more," he said of the group.  "I feel like we could be in the backfield a little bit more but it's going to come just with us putting our technique and our fundamentals just to stick it to them and not just worry about the finished product. We got to keep going on with the process and have the process take us where we need to be."

With a tough schedule looming, its critical NC State begins to build momentum, and the hope for the Wolfpack is that can start back this week.  The East Carolina loss stung, but goals remain and are attainable.

"We have a huge schedule ahead of us," said Chubb.  "We can shock a lot of people this year and, hopefully if we stay focused, I feel like we can.

"We looked at our team goals after this loss we had, we still got all of our team goals to accomplish, going undefeated at home. We just got a lot of things ahead of us. I feel like that one loss is not going to determine our season."

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