Brown Off To A Fast Start

Winter Park (FL) defensive lineman Kevince Brown talks about his senior season and interest in NC State.

Kevince Brown has not wasted any time in making his presence felt for Winter Park (FL). Through three regular season games and one preseason game he has been nothing short of dominant.

Brown (6-5, 230) already has six sacks in Winter Park's first three regular season games. He says that means he's 'doing pretty good' but that seems like an understatement. Throw in 20 total tackles and 'a couple of forced fumbles' and Brown has been nothing short of a terror for Winter Park's opponents.

He says it's the best season of football he's ever had. Those sacks have mostly been Brown coming off the edge and using his speed to beat the tackle in front of him. He said he has gone inside and displayed some power when there's nothing outside. But it's Brown's speed that sets him apart.

In Winter Park's last game he had three sacks.

"My strength is better and I'm getting off the ball better. But really it's just a matter of me learning how to play football in general. I started playing football real late. I started in the 10th grade but I didn't play my 11th grade year. I was at my school and they were begging me to play football but I said I didn't want to play. I was more of a basketball kind of guy. Once they started mentioning offers I said yeah though. I want to go to college and provide for my family."

Not long after Brown started playing he received an offer from Kentucky. He has not continued to talk to the Kentucky coaches often but that was the first real sign that football might pay off.

He has been talking a lot to NC State. Brown also talks to coaches from Oregon State, Rutgers and Middle Tennessee.

Brown does not have any of his official visits scheduled yet but he said December is when he will start taking trips.

"NC State is definitely one visit I'm going to take because I've been there before. So I definitely want to take a visit there. I know that. I had been there before for a camp I went to. I actually went there as a tight end and I was doing pretty good there. They really liked me. That was my 10th grade year. Then they talked to me and told me they were going to be offering me."

Even though Brown camped at NC State as a tight end he thinks the Pack now likes him as a defensive end.

"I mean I was catching one handed balls and everything though. I don't even really know what they want me for to be honest. I think it's defensive end but I'll be fine with whatever position they want me to play. Both would be fine. I know it's real nice up there and I like coach Huxtable."

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