Doeren: "The Bye Week Has Been Really Good"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren Post-Practice Interview (AUDIO)

How is your open date going?
The bye week has been really good.  We've had really good meetings with our players. 

We had a great speaker come in, Morocco Brown was obviously a good football player here.  He led the team in tackles three years in a row, was a captain, and had sixteen years in the NFL.  He talked to our guys about life. I thought it was really appropriate.

The Leadership Council has done a good job with our players. The coaches sat down and went through everything.

It's been good. Tuesday was kind of a reflection day where we focused on us, and Wednesday we continued there and we got a little bit of introduction into our gameplan on Wake Forest.  We kind of polished some of those things up today.

More On Bye Week...
We'll have three games to look at. We look at what you've done well. We look at any tendencies that you have, and how you can add things in to break tendencies.

Then you look at your issues. Are they scheme-driven or are they how we're coaching them? Maybe they're not getting what we're asking them to? Or is it personnel driven where you got to change your scheme or you've go to replace a player.

All those things go into it. You talk to the guys. Hey, here's your positives, here's your negatives. I talk to our coaches. Here's what I see that's good or here's what I see that's not. Let's work together to get everything proactive.

It's been a really good collaborative week that way.

Are you looking forward to watching Jacoby tonight? What are your thoughts on that? How do you think he's feeling right now and have you talked to him?
Through text, we've talked. I'm happy for him and Joe. Him and Joe are playing together tonight. It's a great stage for them, I know they'll do everything they can to perform as well as they can. They're playing against a good football team, so I know our team's excited to watch them compete.

And also they'll say NC State a lot tonight. How's the helping?
I think it's great for the university. It's great for the football program, it's great for those players. That's what we want to do, we want to build people that can compete at the next level - not just in football, but in life. This is an opportunity to show what they can do in football.

They've earned it. They're two great people, graduated from here, did everything the right way, and... Look forward to watching them tonight.

I see Nyheim out there and Jay Sam. How's their health?
Much better. We rested them for most of the week, today... Jay Sam practiced yesterday, practiced today. Nyheim went through individual today and felt good, so hopefully we'll have him back to a hundred by Sunday.

When you see Wake Forest, what first sticks out at you - what really stands out?
They're a very sound football team, they're a well-coached football team, obviously. They're 3-0, so they've got some momentum. They've got a lot of 2 and 3 year players in the system that understand how coach wants it done over there.

Their quarterback situation kind of settled itself and now it's... I don't know how long Kendall will be out, could be - whether they play both of them again, but... They're doing some really good things built on the progress they've had, they've always been good on defense since he's been there.  They're having some offensive success now.

You don't get to pick your bye week but would you prefer - you know, in some years the calendar gives you two - that you had a fourteen-week season?
I mean, that's great if you can do that from an injury standpoint. I think mentally that's great for the players, just to unload them a little bit because it is a grind for all of them. Coaches as well. It helps recruiting to be able to get out on the road twice instead of once during the year, so it'd be great if we could find a way to make that work.

It's not like we're in Mesopotamian times and you have to rely on the crops and the moon. Why can't - as the NCAA or the Coaches Association - you say, "Let's just play the last week or start the last week of August and have two bye weeks"? Is that too sensical?
It might be.

I know how the NCAA works, but I know that you do do it when the calendar hits it the right way.
There are rules on how many days we have for practice prior to the first day to competition... Some of it's academic too, so makes sense to me. I'm sure there's a reason for it.


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