Louis: "We Had To Regroup"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore wide receiver Stephen Louis met with the media to talk Wake Forest.

Thoughts on Wake Forest...
What I see from them from the film I have watched is they are a really disciplined team, on defense and offense.

The last couple of games they've caused a lot of turnovers, and that's always a challenge, playing a team that causes a lot of turnovers. We have to be better with our ball security all week and make sure we prevent any mistakes.  

It seems like East Carolina was your coming out party...
It was a good game for me. We obviously lost, but I think it was a coming out party, and that goes to show the work I've been putting in.

I don't get my confidence from my performance on gameday. I get my confidence from the preparation I have during the week. I always feel confident in games when I prepare well.

A lot were wondering what the passing game would look like and the quarterback... 
It's all preparation. What you guys see on gameday is a product of what we've been doing all summer. We come in every other day to throw, and it's showing right now.

It's been good so far.

With the passing game... now you're entering the ACC and will be playing faster defenses.
It will be better competition now that we're in conference play, but that just means we have to prepare better.   We just have to make sure we have no mistakes... extra practice and make sure we pay attention to details on everything we do. 

That will be really important for every ACC game, not just this week.

How did you approach the bye week?
We had to reflect on the things we did well and the things we did bad. We had to regroup and try to get better with ourselves. We got to gameplan a little more since we had a couple of days off, so we started watching film on them, trying to get little things we can work on. Basically, just get a headstart on them.

Take us through returning from the shoulder injuries...
It was a long process.  At the beginning it was tough because I wasn't able to be with my guys, but I had to put my head down and go to work, knowing all my hard work would pay off this season.

It was definitely tough, not being able to go to war with them, but I knew at the end it would make me better. I approached the process with a great mindset and went to work everyday.

Did you feel right before the injury it was starting to come together?
I did, but I actually feel like getting hurt was a blessing. I was able to learn the game of football. Before I was playing off athletic ability.  In high school I played every position, but the year off helped me learn the receiver position and see the details I needed to work on.

I wouldn't take it back... I wouldn't say I'm happy it happened, but I do feel it was a blessing.

Anything different about Ryan Finley's throws?
I think Ryan is really good. He's really accurate, and he has a good mindset.  He prepares really well. I'm not surprised with his accuracy.  It all shows. What you guys are seeing is what we see everyday.

How much does the third-down success come from the chemistry of the offense?
I think the coaches put us in great position to convert third downs, and Ryan is leading us.  It all ties in together. The coaches and the players, just paying attention to detail on that down.  It's an important down so us converting is a team effort.

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