Boone: "It's All About Us"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior safety Shawn Boone met with the media to talk Wake Forest.

Bye week prep...
It's been the little things that's stopped us from being as good as we want to be. It was more focusing on the little details, being smarter, making sure we win on first down so third down becomes easy. We want to become a great first down defense so third down comes easy.

Can you talk about having better communication on defense?
Every game we have to focus on that. With our defense it's setup that communication, as for any defense, is a big part of being successful.

We'll continue to work on it and make sure we're crisp with everything. 

Thoughts on limiting big plays...
So far I think we've done decent, but we're nowhere near where we need to be. This bye week has been really big for us because going into ACC play, starting with Wake Forest, we're going to come out and make sure that's our focus... limiting big plays.

If they wind up getting down to the redzone, we want to hold them to field goals.

What was it like watching Jacoby?
It was really exciting. It felt like a movie.  I actually went to the game, it was unreal... seeing him score.  From being a freshman to watching him everyday in practice, the leader he is, the work ethic he puts in, it just motivates me to hopefully reach that level one day... have the whole stadium on my back at some point too.

Where has the defense improved from this point a year ago?
How we play together... when I was injured last year and not being able to play, I just sat back and watched, observed little things because I believe little things help us as a team.

It was really difficult, but us playing together this year, I think we can be a really good defense as long as we execute.

Wake's first game they won 7-3... thoughts on their offense.
I feel at the end of the day it all comes down to what we do.  If we execute our plan we can have a good game against them. It's all about us to be honest.

One game doesn't make the season, but what would 1-0 in the ACC mean?
It would be big.  Right now every game is a 1-0 mentality... that's the season we live in, so to be able to go 1-0 every game is important for us. right now we're trying to get 1-0 vs. Wake so it would be big in the ACC.

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