Roseboro Continues To Grow

Sophomore Darian Roseboro is developing into a top-notch defensive end and there is more room to grow.

Darian Roseboro entered NC State prior to last season with a ton of hoopla and high expectations, and he is living up to those expectations early in his career.

Through six games he has totaled 17 tackles, 7.5 tackles for a loss, four sacks, and three quarterback pressures while splitting reps opposite Bradley Chubb with Kentavius Street.

Along with production, one of the key assignments of a defensive end is to stay in his lane. Roseboro takes that approach with his college career as well.

Despite his early success, Roseboro is not looking to extend his reach in terms of his development. It is a process and it is harnessing his natural ability that remains the priority. He attributes his football study as the biggest reason for his success.

"More technique and more fundamentals," he said of where he grew the most in the offseason. "[I rely] more on my fundamentals. Last year I'd just run down the middle and I'd try to bull rush them every time rather than use my hands and get out a speed rush. I'm more and more focused, less distractions, and I'm just more comfortable playing my position."

His position coach sees the growth and what has occurred on Saturday tends to be the same thing that happens on the practice field.

"It's really cool to watch him practice and play because what we see in practice you see in the game," NC State defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen said. "What you're seeing is a guy that's going out there and giving consistency. He's eliminating the ups-and-downs. I think mentally he's in the best place that I've seen him and that just comes with maturity. 

"He's been in the program, four or five times through the installation, knowing all the stuff, the repetition. The biggest difference in him is he's going out to practice everyday looking to improve his fundamentals and his technique with great effort."

As a sophomore, Roseboro is letting his performance on the field show the way and is allowing

"I'm not really a vocal leader right now," he said.  "I'm more of a, you know, on the field, do my job type guy. I'm just going my role and my part, and right now we have a leader and my heart is to follow the leader right now."

With Mike Rose the only member of the defensive line graduating last season, the unit was considered a strength for the Wolfpack entering 2016.  However, Roseboro thinks the talent on NC State's defense is not just limited to the front four and is confident the unit as a whole, like himself, will continue to mature as the heart of the schedule kicks in.

"I feel like we're a strength, but I feel like the defense as a whole is a strength," Roseboro said. "We've been able to communicate better, play faster, and be able to communicate when we're tired. We've been able to see adjustments, make adjustments, and things like that. I think we can have a great defense if we finish every game, don't have any breakdowns in defense, and just be able to make plays, and make stops when needed."

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