MEDIA DAY: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media at the Wolfpack's annual Media Day.

"The coaches are talking with some guys to work the situation out.  They are doing everything they can.  It's in the NCAA's hands."

"I heard they know what they are going to do, I'm just trying to still be patient and see what they are going to say."

"There is... you can't prepare for that. You just have to hope for the best.  I think that they should let me be cleared because I don't think I've done something wrong. They are trying to do their part.  I can't do anything but respect them."

"I hope it will work out, but there's no need to get pessimistic about it.  I control what I can control."

"We've had... I come from another continent and they've just opened their arms for me.  It feels good for them to accept me to play."

"I am crazy-excited. It has been two years since I could play. I took a step back, reevaluated my life, went into one of those moods and one of those places where I really needed to find myself. It has been a long two years but I am ready to play."

"The freshman class is fantastic and I just can't wait to get started."

"I can survive through anything. There is no challenge out here that is going to bring me down. I have got great group of guys, a great family, a great support system. Everything happens for a reason, so I keep that in my mind."

"I feel like I am more poised as a player. Even though I haven't played a real game in two years, I have been a scout team player, I have been a practice player and playing pick-up every day. I have been learning from the older guys. When you do that every day you are going to automatically pick up things."

"We're just trying to put the past behind us. We're very excited about next year."

"We have a lot of guys... Torin is coming back, Terry, Dennis... we're very excited about the year coming up."

"Last year we didn't have as many guys but we still played hard as a team."

"I feel like I've improved in all aspects of my game."

"I think we'll be pretty good if we all play together, have good chemistry, and play hard."

"I hope he would believe that, he's my coach.  He has the same expectations I have, that's to be great, and we know the only way we can be that is to win games."

"The more we win, the better."

"I wouldn't say there is pressure.  I expect to do well, and I expect my team to do well.  They expect the same thing out of me.  They want me to go out and perform."

"It was very difficult. It was one of the roughest years of my life. I haven't played an official game since August 2nd, so it was rough, especially with the kind of season we had.  It was a down year for us, but it's motivated me to help my team bounce back this season."

"It's great.  Everybody hangs out off the court, and during the games we're down at the end of the bench talking about different things... we piggy back off each others ideas and think about things we can bring into the season."

"Terry and Torin are big brothers for me, so they've made the process a lot easier for me."

"Be the best teammate I can be... if I'm that everybody will play to their best abilities and it will help the team as a whole."

"I see us being one of the best teams in the ACC for starters, and if we do well there like I believe we will we'll be one of the top teams in the country."

"My main focus in college is to win every game."

"I wouldn't say there is a major pull but looking at our roster, the new team, everything we brought in, I felt like we have a chance to be really special. This was something I felt I couldn't turn my back on. "

"I think [the frontcourt is] super-talented. It reminds me of my first year here when it was me, Lennard, Kyle and BeeJay. We were young talented guys and we went pretty far that year."

"We still have me and BeeJay here. Omer is really, really special and Darius. We are deep and it is going to show in practice and it is going to show in the games."

"[I am] not amazed, we have great coaches. They are great recruiters so I figured that they would be bring in some great players. Who wouldn't want to come to NC State? It is a great school...a great stage, so I wouldn't say I am surprised."

"[Dennis Smith] is a great player. I love to play against him every day. It pushes me to be better."

"[Omer Yurtseven] is very skilled for his size. He is seven feet tall and he is very skilled. He can shoot it, he has great post moves so his skill level has definitely stood out to me."

"It did. [Going through the redshirt season] was the longest journey of my life. Last year I thought it would never end but it is finally here and I am just excited to be able to play."

"[On his team goal] to be the best team possible. If we can look back on the season and think that we have achieved our goals and reached our full potential then we will feel accomplished at that point."

"We have Omer, Malik, Ted, Lennard. We are all just skilled at different things. We all can bring something different to the table. I think that is going to be very valuable because any given night in the ACC or non-conference you are never going to know what you are going to need."

"I feel like we have the tools that anything in and they will produce."

"I'm looking forward to having a great season with my teammates.  Everyone is looking forward to having a great year."

"Losing Cat, that was pretty bad. He was a very great player. This year we've added a couple new pieces to the team and that's going to help us out this year.  It's going to be a surprise."

"Having a year under my belt I've learned a lot. Being here with the upperclassmen, I've been taught so much more about the game of basketball."

"Last year we had a little bit of struggles, but we fought through."

"It's much easier because there's more of us, and everybody is on the same page."


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