Doeren: "I'm Proud Of Our Players And Our Coaches"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the

Opening Statement...
I'm proud of our players and our coaches... getting a win against a good Wake Forest football team. We took care of the ball today against a team that was plus-5 and had nine takeaways defensively. We ran for over 200 yards against one of the better rushing defenses.

I thought we were efficient throwing the ball around. I thought Kelvin Harmon made a huge play there at the end.  Defensively, they got down in the redzone in the first half and could only get field goals... our field goal kicker making a 49-yarder was a big deal for him mentally. There were a lot of positives in the game, obviously.

The negatives, the penalties. We got to get them off the film and off the field. I'll do everything I can to make that happen.

Matt had over 100 yards rushing and Ryan continues to be very efficient... 300 yards passing with three touchdowns.

Overall, I'm very happy with the win and the way it went down. 

We knew we could throw the ball on them early; we knew they'd be packed in... we had to be able to make adjustments at halftime, which we did.

I think their quarterback is a tough kid. Hats off to him.

We'll move forward and get ready for the next one... celebrate this one.

You told us in the offseason about Steph Louis... what did you see from him that made you believe he could be an important part after he didn't play last year?
It starts with how hard he works.  He's a bigger receiver, so dimensionally you like that, but the work ethic he has, not just on the football field but in his life, the way he trains, the way he's over here watching film, the way he's catching extra balls.  You can't be that talented, work that hard, and not play well.  I knew it was just a matter of time for him, and he wants the ball.

I thought Jaylen Samuels did that as well today; I thought he had a really good day without the ball, which is something we challenged him to do.  

Those guys are playing for each other; there's a lot of it... you see a lot of guys getting involved and making plays.

Do you sense with your passing game... it seems you're throwing more balls and saying my guy is better than your guy.
We're trying to play the width of the field and get the ball in space to certain people, but we're also trying to challenge vertically so we can loosen the coverage and it allows us to run the ball. 

I think those three things play together. Football is a game of matchups; I don't care who you are, if we think we have somebody better than their guy then we have to do something about that.  

It was a nice job by coach Drink and his staff of finding some matchups and taking advantage of it at the right time.

Chop block penalties... did you get a look at those?
I'll have to send the plays in and get the explanations. Of course, they threw the flags and thought they were illegal.  They changed the rule on cutblocks, we've been blocking like that this season but it hasn't been called.

Today it was illegal and we'll find out why so we can coach it better.

Thoughts on safety situation with Shawn Boone out for suspension...
It will be big. Shawn will be out for the first half... Dexter Wright is back, today was his first day of live contact... between he and Jarius, those guys will have to carry the load until we can get Shawn back from suspension.

Thoughts on Josh Jones...
As far as Josh, he's playing hard.  He made the tackle inside the 10 on that last kickoff and that was Shawn's spot... he's playing with a lot of effort. It's fun to see that.

What happened on the sideline interference?
I went on the field to yell at my players to play smart, and I got a warning for that. That's what happened. I guess he thought I was yelling at the officials, but I wasn't.  It is what it is.

The other one, we celebrated after a play and too many guys were around the sideline and they flagged us because we had a warning.

Thoughts on Ryan Finley...
He's continuing to do what coach Drink has asked him to do. His preparation is incredible. That's the one part no one sees. He's over here every night, talking with coach about the plan... going over the film.  He's all in on it and it shows. 

He's getting better and better at knowing his players around him. When you transfer, it's hard... when you come in you don't know the guys.

AJ Cole and Kyle Bambard...
We had a national kicking camp when we knew we'd have to replace some really good specialists, and they were without a doubt two of the most talented guys in the camp. There were a lot of really good specialists there.

The guy kicking for Wisconsin was there and I think he's phenomenal, and he and Kyle were neck and neck for that camp.  Kyle will get better and better the more he makes those kicks because he does have really good height on the ball.  He'll kick himself tonight because of the PAT, but he even had a couple of tackles on the kickoff.

Thoughts on the secondary...
We were loading the box because of their run game... we felt like we had to play some tighter coverage to keep them from nickel and diming us; which is what they had done.

With that comes deep balls and you have to make some plays. I think we had one pass interference, which you'll have when you play press coverage for 60 plus snaps.

What does it mean to be 1-0?
It's great... I'm excited.

Thoughts on the gameplan...
We talked about it all week. Wake wants to play a four-quarter game, and we didn't feel they were built offensively to catch up. We felt they were built to control the ball, keep their defense off the field... I thought we had a good plan to get a good lead, and it worked.

Do you believe they'll be a bowl team?
I don't know how it will all work out, but I do think they got a lot better. I think coach Clawson's staff and himself do a great job, and their players play hard. As long as they don't beat themselves they'll be in every ballgame because they play good defense.

Did you throw in more secondary blitzes?
I think there were a few more. Our third down package had a few more things in it... Josh Jones is a good blitzer so we found a couple of ways formationally to bring him.

Tocho came on a corner dog one time and got a sack as well. That's coach Huxtable looking at what we can do with who we've got.

The plan was pretty simple for the guys, we didn't have a ton of stuff. It was really fundamentals.

Thoughts on having Notre Dame coming in...
For us we have to go win a game. We have to play well and go back to what won us games this year, executing our plan. It doesn't matter who is on the other side of the field... everybody else can talk about the extra stuff. That's not what helps us win games.

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