Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Wake Forest.

"You get your confidence from the preparation in the week."

"I had a real good week of practice... I prepared really well for this game, and my coaches trusted me.  My teammates... shout outs to my teammate for the sack, opening the hole for me to get through. That was big."

"I know my ability. I know what I can do."

"I take one game at a time... this is what my coaches expect me to do and this is what I expect myself to do."

"I don't even think about last year because I can't do anything about the post. We don't get yesterday back.  There's no rewind button in life.  There's only that moment."

"Definitely.  The team needed a touchdown and I'm glad they counted on me to catch it."

"It's definitely a blessing to be able to get out there and play."

"I was exciting... we worked on it all week and I didn't miss it one time. I hoped they would call it because I would catch it."

"He's very precise, he's accurate.  He's a smart quarterback."

"We wanted to come out in the first ACC game of the year. They came in 4-0 so we knew that was a good team."

"We had two weeks to prepare.  I think we did pretty good."

"It was good, for us to hop on them early.  The offense, we did our job, we started fast."

"Everybody was pumped up. We just have to do better in the second half. We need to finish more. We can't get caught up in our emotions... less penalties."

"A lot of the scout players are getting us great looks. They are helping us out every week."

"He's a baller. I knew his time was coming. He just had to be patient.  Coach Drink fed him today... I'm proud of him. He's going to be a great player for us."

"We have two outside threats now with Steph Louis and Kelvin Harmon.  It brings a lot. We didn't have that last year. We just had Jumichael Ramos really. I think it's a big threat."

"We're 1-0. That's it."

"I say that but we're not thinking about that stuff. It was an ACC opponent. Whoever it is we're going out there trying to win."

"The offensive line played great.  A bunch of long throws downfield with no pressure all."

"It was definitely a must-win game... I'm glad we got the win."

"I didn't think about that at all. I just had my mind set on winning and that's what we did."

"We played real hard... the bye week had everybody anxious."

"Yes, I think we are. I think the guys like myself, we were thinking too much and wasn't having fun with it. Now everybody is having fun and getting in the flow of the season."

"Nobody likes to lose. We try to come out every game and play our best."

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