Moore: "We Have To Take Care Of Business"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior linebacker Airius Moore met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Notre Dame.

Thoughts on Notre Dame...
It's kind of cool. You grow up watching Rudy. As a football fan, you understand the tradition they have, but being a player now I can't worry bout all that. All I'm worried about is the game.

What have you seen from their offense?
Obviously they have a good quarterback and a very good offensive line. They have good receivers too. We definitely have to cover the receivers and make sure we stop the run.  That's pretty much the plan every game. We just have to take care of business.

Were you encouraged by the defense as a whole after the Wake Forest game?
I guess you can say that. It's just a development over the course of the four games. We definitely got better, so that's just the formula moving forward, to learn from your mistakes.

I think we did that, and showed that in the Wake Forest game. We'll continue to do that as a defense and as a team.

Wake Forest ran the ball 21 times and threw the ball 46. How much easier is it to play defense when you make a team one-dimensional like that?
We pride ourselves on stopping the run so when you stop the run it kind of makes the offense one-dimensional. When you don't have to respect the run as much, play-action isn't really a big deal to you.

What are your impressions of DeShone Kizer?
He's a very good football player, he's a smart football player, and obviously he throws the ball well.  We have to be smart. He's going to make plays, he's a good player, but we have to make it hard for him.

Targeting is becoming a judgement call. Are you at a point now where you're hesitant to hit someone high?
We know it's the rule. We'll continue to play football and let the refs do their job.

Do you think the targeting call is becoming the block/charge call like in basketball that can go either way?
I guess you can say that, but we'll let the refs do their job... whatever they call we have to deal with.

How big of an emphasis is correcting the penalty issues?
It's a huge emphasis. You can't expect to win many games with that many penalties.

After East Carolina, did you look at that performance and think we're in trouble or there are things we can fix?
I think we have got better. We used it as a motivation to get better and obviously you saw the results on Saturday, last week.

We want to continue to use it as momentum and continue to get better through the year.

Coach Doeren has talked one week at a time... Notre Dame is a different animal with a passionate following.  How big is this game?
For us, we try to play a face-less opponent every week. It's about our execution. As a team we're trying to focus on us and take care of our details and the things we need to do. If we do that, we can compete with anybody in the country.

When you evaluate the season that Notre Dame has had... does it look like a more manageable opponent than maybe it did?
It doesn't matter if they are ranked or unranked. We don't look into that. We have to go out and play against whoever is on the schedule.  

Do you see this is an opportunity to take advantage of?
Every game is a huge opportunity... I feel like when you get into all the hype you can over-hype yourself and get out of your game; instead of locking in and doing what you need to do.

What are your thoughts on the Diamond logo?
It's cool... we have a different logo on our helmet. I'm sure our fans will really like that.

Josh Jones doesn't strike me as a guy who loses confidence much... after his play Saturday I'm sure you guys gave him some love for that.
It's great.  Now the challenge for him to continue being consistent, which is what we talk about in practice. If you play that way, make sure you continue to play that way.


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