Doeren: "It Means A Lot"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

Dave Doeren Post-Practice Interview (AUDIO)

Have you done anything extra to prepare for the weather in case it goes sideways?
We did, I mean we did some wet ball type things. You know, especially those quarterbacks, ball handlers, basically. Unless we just have unbelievable winds, we'll be fine with what we do.

Is Nyheim Hines a full go, now? He's had some rest?
Yeah, last week he's getting there. He's had a good week, this is the first time he's been able to practice every day and do everything that we want him to do, so he should be full-go.

What makes DeShone Kizer so tough to defend?
Well, he's got really good talent around him, to start. They protect him well. He's only been sacked twice. He's got an offensive system that is well run. They give him a lot of opportunities to throw the ball down the field and guys make plays for him.

As far as him personally, I think he's a very accurate deep ball thrower. He's tough, he takes some shots... puts the ball right on the money. And he's competed on a big stage for a long time, so I think he's got good poise.

Were guys attentive to the penalty talk?
They were, absolutely, and we talked after the game.

There's so many things we did well. So I didn't want to take away from that. But at the end, it's like how good can we play if we play smarter, and we take some of those things off the film that we can take off the film?

Some of the things I would coach to do the same way, and some I wouldn't. We got to be smart there too. Let's make sure we're doing the right things with how we're coaching different techniques.

What have you processed from yesterday's NCAA announcements?
Which ones are those?

Temp assistant coach, three signing periods in the football recruiting ...
Once they tell me they're real, and right now they're conversations, they're not real rules yet, you know. I'm in favor of the tenth coach, if that's the direction we go and I think it'll be tied in to staff-size limitations. Which can help some of us, and those that have 17 quality control coaches will have to make some changes, I guess.

We'll see where it goes, and we've been talking about a lot of these things for a long time.

You've always liked an early signing period, but is June too early?
June of what year?

It'll be June going into their senior years.
Yeah I think that's too early, personally. I would love to see it September 1 of their senior year. So they have the summer to do what they've been doing. There's a lot of unofficial visits that happen over that junior summer.

They also have to kind of figure out how you take on officials, like will there be official visits to like June?
Yeah, that'll change our calendar. Which I don't think any of our coaches will be in favor of. Especially if we're supposed to be on the road in May. Unless they change that end of the contact for each of us. We'll have to see how it all plays out, and hopefully there will be some great discussions about it.

I'm guessing you'll have to be more prudent with who you would want to sign in June. Because I would say, sign a guy in June, he might not be the same player in February.
Yeah, I think that early offer thing has a lot of limitations. You really don't get a chance to know somebody that early in the process.

One thing it'll do for those guys who grow up wanting to come to State, and maybe their parents went to State and they're really good players, and they commit to us early, it allows them to just move on. I think the guys that commit, that aren't really committed, you'll know that after that early signing period, because they won't sign with somebody. They're going to want to continue the process. It does clear some things up.

I like to say that the ACC is half pregnant when it comes to Notre Dame. This is the good part of being half pregnant with Notre Dame, right, when they come to your place and you get to play them.
[Laughing] Sure.

As opposed to when they kick you out of the Belk Bowl...
Yeah, I mean (laughs) ... there's a lot of things that anytime you get to play a marquee opponent it's positive for your fan base, positive season ticket holders. Our players like playing teams like that.

But it is a strange agreement in some ways. So, I think all of our coaches would love to see them be a full-time partner, but that's not where it is right now.

What's so special about playing at home, against Notre Dame on the 50th anniversary?
You know, 50 years to the date. It means a lot to all of our former players. To everybody that's stepped on that field to play. So to celebrate an anniversary like that in a special building, I know our fans, same way.

To play a team of the notoriety of Notre Dame on that day, it even adds to it. So it means a lot to our players and staff to represent on that day.


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