Doeren: "I'm Really Proud Of Them"

RALEIGh, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the win over Notre Dame.

Opening Statement:
I want to say how proud I am of our players and our staff... did a tremendous job getting our guys ready to play in really tough weather conditions.

Our players stuck together through some difficulties throughout the game.  It was a great football game. I thought Notre Dame played really hard.

I want to thank our students who were here with Fall Break... the way they hung out there... for our fans there who stayed the whole time, thank you. There wasn't that many people there, but those who were, they were loud man... we knew it was a challenge with the conditions and how far they had to come in the rain.  Thank You to the Wolfpack fans and all of our students who supported us.

A lot of people stepped up in this game, and defensively, I thought they played outstanding. I'm not really worried about yardage because of field position, but the way they kept stopping them on third and fourth downs.

Key players, Pharaoh found a way to make a play for us.  It was a return call, we had three guys rushing, and Dexter Wright made a scoop-and-score touchdown.

Jalan McClendon, we called it our Monsoon Package...  we knew if it turned into a run game like that we'd need nine or ten runs for Jalan.  Jalan did a good job running the football.

Just a great team win... I'm really proud of them, it puts us in a good spot continuing to build momentum as we move forward.  Tough conditions to play a game in, but boy it was fun.

"I told our guys before the game when we were little kids and it rained we couldn't wait to play in the mud. That's what boys do.

Outside of the hashes it was standing water everywhere... the wind kept coming in bands like every five minutes. When you were going towards PNC it was really challenging to run your offense.

Should you have played the game today?
I don't make that call. I'm just thankful our guys handled the conditions we got.

How early did it become apparent it would be a phone booth game?
Warmups.  When we went out there for warmups it was bad. Guys were having a hard time kicking the football, so we knew right away.

On Pharoah McKever...
A couple of weeks ago I got him on our punt return unit to start rushing the A Gap with his long arms... we're facing teams now that rugby punt and those balls are low.  We started doing it after our bye week against Wake Forest and continued it today.

I'm proud of Pharaoh for that. It was a huge play.

What do you do to prep the players mentally?
I don't know if there's anything you can do in practice to prep... we did wet-ball drills, went outside Friday and played catch with muddy balls and did all that, but it was nothing like what we just played in.

For me, it's focus and want-to... I think our guys really wanted to win that game and we found a way to win.

Thoughts on kicking game...
It was a crap-shoot every time the special teams were on the field for both teams. It's difficult to snap the ball 14 yards in Hurricane conditions.

It was a huge factor for both sides... the block punt was the game.

What went into using Jalan's Monsoon Package?
In the third quarter we were into the win and couldn't throw the football... they were packing it in and putting more guys than we could block with our tailback runs so we went to the +1 package and Jalan's better at that then Ryan.  He's a better runner.

In the first half we were able to run the ball with our tailbacks... we were into the wind, didn't allow us to do that.

50th anniversary... this game.
Making history is why you do this, being a part of something special.  It is a landmark for your program, for your players... ever since I've come here I've heard of Thunder Dan's hit against Notre Dame.

This will be the Monsoon Bowl or whatever you guys nickname it as, to be able to do it on the 50th anniversary, it was awesome.

After halftime your guys were jumping around...
We were out there having fun.. it just took them back to childhood.  Enjoy the moment and seize the moment.

Can you take anything away much from a game like this?
I'll have to look at the film and let you know, but the biggest thing you take away is players have a lot of heart here. What we asked them to do was play a smarter game and just like we asked them to do last week... we had two penalties for 20 yards in a really sloppy game.  Some tough calls there didn't go our way at the end on the reviews, it could have been even better.

I'm just proud of the way they improved this week with the conditions.

Tackling was a positive... not many big missed tackles.
Like I said when I got here, I wanted to be able to run the ball when I want to run it.  That was a big part of the game. We rushed for 157 yards and they rushed vor 59. You couldn't throw the ball well today... for us to say we're a balanced team, buy into that... that's why we won today. We were able to run the football.

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