Scelfo: "We Stayed Focused"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior center Joe Scelfo met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Clemson.

AUDIO: Joe Scelfo 

What can you take away from a game with the conditions the way they were?
We figured out a way to win. Our mental toughness I thought was good up front, that's what I can speak on behalf of... our five o-linemen.  Some things didn't go our way, but I thought we stayed focused and continued on the path the whole game. 

We didn't get too high or too low... that's definitely something we can build on this week.

Noise in Clemson...
I remember watching a game and seeing it... that starts during the week, being on the same page as the quarterback; getting everybody to hear me.

We'll get in the indoor... crank up the volume.

Building on confidence...
Definitely, it's about being on the same page.  That starts with me and the quarterback. There's a lot of stuff from the Louisville game that can't happen with us. They start so fast, we can't let that happen at all. We have to start fast.

Challenge of facing Clemson...
It will definitely be a challenge, but I think our confidence will come from our preparation throughout the week. We'll work as hard as we do... it will definitely be a challenge. But, we're a good o-line, and I'm confident in all five of us.

Extended drives good for offensive linemen...
Yes, I didn't realize how long we had the ball until the end of the game, but we're doing what the coach tells us to do; run the football, chew that clock up.

What has your experience been like?
It was difficult the first couple of weeks, being the new guy all over again, but as far as this season and learning, I feel like I've been here five years.  People have welcomed me here with open arms since day one.

Playing all these new teams, and my teammates helped me get through it.  That's who I lean on when things get tough.

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