Thompson Returns Loyalty To NC State

Wolfpack commitment Antoine Thompson talks with Pack Pride about his commitment to NC State and when he plans to enroll in Raleigh.

When NC State's coaches stood by Antoine Thompson after his ACL injury it helped him realize he was dealing with a staff he could trust. That's the kind of staff he wants to be loyal to.

Thompson (6-1, 180) committed to NC State on July 22. Since then there hasn't been a day when he has questioned his commitment to the Pack.

"I'm committed to North Carolina State and I'm building my relationship with them by the week and by the day. I'm talking to Coach Kitchings and Coach McDonald. You know I got injured with my ACL and they still welcomed me and made me feel like I was going to be at home with the team and with the other players. They were still telling me I'm going to help make a difference with their program so I'm just ready to get out there."

Thompson is so ready to get to NC State that he's planning to arrive in January. He's on track to graduate at the end of this semester and doesn't have any hesitation about that.

Arriving in January gives some players a chance to start working out and working their way up the depth chart. It will serve an added purpose for Thompson.

"I got my sports brace 3 1/2 weeks ago and everything's good. I started back jogging. I had my surgery four months ago. Getting there early will be big because it will help me work with them and let me get in the flow of everything."

The coaches have looked past Thompson's injury and see his ability which they believe will make him a game changing player in Raleigh.

"They love how I run routes and how I can get open to make a play. They love how I can make a play at any moment. Another huge thing for them was how I can play inside or outside. There's not just one specific thing that I do. I can do everything.

"I've been watching them real close this year. I'm tuned in no doubt... they still need players like myself who can come in and help them out. I've seen the way they're playing and they're doing pretty good. Sometimes they just need another player. Like when they were going against East Carolina they just needed another player and they could have closed that out. So I'm excited about that and about playing big time football in the ACC."

Thompson said he just set up his official visit with Kitchings and McDonald. He will take his visit when NC State plays Miami.

"That's exciting for me because I was going to commit to Miami but I committed to North Carolina State instead. Now I get to go up there and see them play each other."

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