Doeren: "It's Not A Moral Victory"

CLEMSON, S.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the loss at Clemson.

"I'm obviously emotional right now so I am not going to give [the media] a lot. Two years ago it was 41-0. Today we played them into overtime and had a chance to beat them. We didn't. We were right there. It is not a moral victory. We were maybe one play away from having a masterpiece but it just didn't happen."

"If we had won it would have felt great."

"We kept them in front. We didn't want them to be explosive. It is an explosive offense. We frustrated them at times because we just didn't want to give up the big play."

"It was a fake outside...where we had a tight end blocking the edge... they did a good job covering it, we couldn't take a sack, so scrambled back to the middle of the field and took the ball to the center for us."

"I haven't seen [Kyle Bambard] yet but I will. I'll encourage him."

"We just felt like if we put everybody up on the line like they do we might get somebody open. We told the quarterback 'If he is not wide open, just get back to the line of scrimmage.' I thought we might get a guy wide open on the play."

"[Matt Dayes] is a senior. I told him, 'It's your ball. Go run for us.' He did a great job and the O-line blocked for him."

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