Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the loss at Clemson.

"We were definitely able to stop the explosive plays. That is what we went into the game wanting to do, just eliminate deep-ball opportunities."

"Definitely, We was in a zone coverage and I read that it was going to be a quick pass. I just jumped it and made a play."

"Every stop we were gaining momentum. I feel like we did what we need to do as a defense. We were definitely confident."

"We are moving forward and we are getting better but we are going to move forward and work towards reaching our goals."

"At the same time, we could have stopped them one more time so I am not pointing fingers. It is on the whole team."

"I was just trying to make a big play for the team to help us gain momentum. They had a good crowd. We were trying to get that crowd down. We just wanted to go out there and start fast and I was able to make a big play for us."

"They needed [Gallman] but they still found a way."

"We had confidence coming in and during the whole game. It wasn't like we didn't have confidence coming into the game. We knew that we could play with them. They just thought that we couldn't play with them and we wanted to prove that."

"We just know each other. We know our team. We are just trying to keep maintaining that chemistry and continue to build."

"There is never a positive that comes from a loss. I never like to lose. I am a sore loser."

"We have just got to finish. We know how close we are. We can make the plays. We have just got to make them and we have just got to finish."

"It is exciting to see because they are a top team in the country. We should have all the confidence in the world going into next week and the rest of the season because we know we can play with whoever the top team is. We have just got to finish."

"Our unity. Everybody is playing for each other. We are just happy to be out there with each other. We are like brothers so we are do everything for them that we possibly can. Now it just comes to the finishing part."

"I am not sure what they were thinking on that sideline, I just know we were playing our best football. Like I say, we have just got to finish."

"I was trying to hold on to the ball, trying to get us into field goal range [on the final drive in regulation]. We ran the ball really well."

"There is definitely a lot of positives but at the end of the day I think this was our game to win and we let it get away from us. We beat ourselves a lot of moments in the game."

"We had been driving the ball all day so I was ready for overtime, excited about it. That is what you live for in college football is to be in games like that. We were ready to go back out there and win the game."

"I think they were doing some movements to throw us off but for the most part we have just got to be more disciplined."

"I think we learned about how good we are. We took on the number three team into overtime and really beat ourselves. We have a great squad and we are going to bounce back from this. This is not the end of our season."

"It was a tough loss. We had the game in our hands. We have just got to finish. That is all we have got to do."

"We played good. We left a couple plays out there on the field but we fought our butt off. We have just got to learn how to finish. We have to bounce back and try to go get the W at Louisville."

"We had the games in our hands but like I said we have just got to finish. We did what coach wanted us to do, which was come out and start fast. We did but we have just got to learn how to finish and win the big game.

"We have just got to come back to work [Sunday] as soon as we get back to Raleigh."

"We knew it was going to come down to a game like this. We just came up short so we have just got to learn from, bounce back and hopefully we will have a good season."

"I was just thinking I have got to get in the end zone. I didn't think a field goal was going to be good enough thing for our team because their offense is so dynamic but it is what it is."

"Absolutely. We were of the mindset that we were going to finish this game no matter how it played out. It was a tough one but it is what it is."

"We have got to go back and watch the film [Sunday] and see the mistakes we made ourselves and just fix it and move on."

"I definitely feel like the team realizes that we can compete with just about anybody in the country and we have just got to believe that. We are a great offense and defense. We have just got to finish."

"We probably surprised them but we weren't surprised ourselves."

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