Samuels: "I Don't Care Who We Play"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior tight end Jaylen Samuels discussed the upcoming game against Louisville with the media.

Just trying to collect all your emotions...
It was the same.  We actually didn't watch the film. We're trying to move on to the next week.

In my position room we watched the things that we needed to work on, stuff we did do good, but we've moved on to Louisville.

Is it unusual to not watch the tape of the game?
Normally we do, but that was a tough loss. We're not trying to look back at it. The best thing was to move on to Louisville... get a headstart on them.

I guess you've seen enough of Lamar Jackson... your thoughts on their offense.
They have a great team and he's a great player.  Defense is going to do their job, but we have to do our job and the special teams have to do their job.  It's a three-phase game. 

We're ready for it.  We just can't wait to get back up there.

What did you learn about yourselves on Saturday?
We knew that we could play with anybody in the country. We showed that we have to finish when it counts, but I feel confident in our team, coaches, and everybody in this program.  I feel good.

Did you watch Louisville versus Duke?
Yeah, I watched some of the game in the hotel and we watched some yesterday in the film room. Duke played a pretty good game against them and could have won, but Louisville made more plays than them.  It was a good game overall.

This year's role in the offense...
I'm being split out more this year, as a wide receiver.  I had eight catches last game.  It was in the gameplan. I'm just doing what the coaches are telling me to do. Coach Drink is finding new ways to get the ball, running or catching it.  

Do you prefer an opponent like Louisville after a game like Clemson?
I don't care who we play honestly. I like the competition every week.  If we can have a top ten team every week, I would.  Coming off a tough loss like that, I think it would mean a lot for us to go up there and win, beat another top ten team.  I'm down for it.

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