Doeren: Defense Is Playing With Confidence

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.


It seems like your defense is playing better and they've said this week the reason is because they care for each other... have each other's back. That has to make you happy.
I think being a good defense is about accountability first and how much your role affects everyone else on the field... understanding you have to do your job and not try to make someone else's plays.

They are playing with a lot more confidence too, which helps... there's a lot more experience there too.  You go through growing pains when you play younger players, and you hope on the back-end you see the reward.  

That's already happening.

You've talked about how Matthew Dayes is one of the best backs in the country.  Not everyone seems to understand that yet.
I don't know why they are sleeping on the kid. What he does week-in, and week-out, not just in the running game.  He makes people miss, he runs people over, he catches the football, he protects, he plays a lot of snaps.

He's an every-down back who plays hard week-in and week-out.

It looked like Terronne Prescod came off the bench to give you valuable reps against Clemson.
Yeah, I'm really excited about him.  He's probably the most improved player we have on the o-line from last year to this year.  To his credit and coach Ledford's credit, he's bought in. He's done the right things with our strength staff and nutrition staff to be in shape, which was always the problem before.  He's really in shape right now, he's playing hard, and he's playing confident.

He'll play a lot.  Not just in this game but moving forward.  He's earned that.

I'm not sure if it was due to injury, but Tyrone Riley also played more in that game.
Well we only have five ends and coach Nielsen likes to rotate them. We played a lot of snaps, and it was warm in that game... it was just trying to keep guys fresh and if he sees guys not playing to the level or standard he has for the d-line, he'll rotate guys in.

Tyrone has got better, and he's earnd that right to be out there.

Has he passed James Smith-Williams?
No, it's pretty even. Those two guys... we really have three starters when you look at the reps between Chubb, Roseboro, and Street, those three guys plays equal and the rest is between James and Tyrone.  They are playing but not as much as the other three.

Tony Adams and Joe Scelfo were dinged up at Clemson.  Are they okay?
Oh yeah, they are good.  Big guys who hit people a lot.  Played hard... emotionally heart more than physically at that point.  They are fine.

Are Louisville and Clemson similar in what they try to do defensively?
Yeah, they are both multiple.  I think Clemson plays a little more straight man up where you'll see more zones and fire zones [from Louisville].  They are a lot more multiple with their coverage packages and pressures at Louisville.

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