NC State head coach Dave Doeren fielded questions from the media on the ACC's weekly teleconference.

Opening Statement:

Excited to be coming home after two road games against two top-10 teams, and the opportunity to play against a very physical Boston College team at home for our homecoming weekend. I know our guys look forward to having our home routine and getting back into it.

Coming off three really emotional weeks with Notre Dame and then the Clemson game and then Louisville and all of them totally different weeks for us, but ready to come hit the reset button and get back to being at home for two weeks, having a little bit of a routine and trying to get our best foot forward.

You know, our team is definitely excited to play against BC. They're a very good football team on defense. They're aggressive. They're fundamentally sound. They have a great pass rusher in Harold Landry, and linebackers that play downhill and can run and DB's that challenge you.

Offensively we'll have to see who we see at quarterback, but Steve always does a good job making you use the rules of your defense and being gap sound, having leverage to the football and tackle well and defending the deep ball on their play action passes. They're really playing good on special teams. Three of their four units are top ranked in the ACC. It's going to be a tough, physical game, and definitely a great challenge for our staff and our players.


Dave, I wanted to ask you, I know Clemson running back Wayne Gallman had some pretty strong comments about the play that he was injured on a couple weeks ago against you guys, and then I guess some Clemson fans seized upon a quote from you in the aftermath in which you had suggested that knocking him out of the game was a priority. I'm wondering if you could kind of clarify your take on that and what you thought about Gallman's comments afterwards.
Well, first of all, we have a lot of respect for Wayne Gallman. He's a really good football player. My comments came in response to a question about what we did well in the game and how physical we were, the fact that we had four takeaways and that we stopped the run. It had nothing to do with being excited about injuring another player. I feel like a lot of that was taken the wrong way. That's not something that we prioritize ever is injuring somebody, but we are a physical football team that take pride in playing the game in a physical way, and the play was not ruled a penalty. I'd like to remind people of that. They did review the play. They had an opportunity upstairs to buzz it, and they didn't do that.

It was a physical football game, and I'm glad Wayne is back and healthy, and we wish him nothing but the best.

Has Will Richardson been back to practice the last couple days, and what's his status?
Yeah, he's still questionable. He was back on the field today in practice. He was really sick last week and it took a pretty big toll on him, so just trying to get him back to 100 percent. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be there. But today was his first day back on the field.

So this morning was the first time -- has it been more than a week that he's been out then I guess?
Yeah, since the Sunday after the Clemson game. He came in Monday really sick.

Do you suspect he'll be starting if he's available to play?
Like I just told you, he's questionable.

Syracuse football gets off plays every 20 seconds, one of the fastest offenses. I know you've played a couple already, obviously have Syracuse coming up. This no-huddle offense does elongate the game, though, 3:30, four hours the games push in length. What are your thoughts on those longer games pushing 3:30, four hours, and will you prepare differently for these types of games?
Yeah, I mean, up-tempo offenses aren't new, so it's something that the game has been dealing with for a while, and we're very aware of the teams that do it. We do it, as well, at times. We practice against it every day, so I don't feel like we have to change what we do. Our entire fall camp and spring was playing against up-tempo offense because we run one.

As long as nobody says we can't do it, then it's something we'll do.

As far as the length of the game, I think a lot of that has to do with the length of the TV timeouts, as well. We had seven timeouts in the game for television over three and a half minutes long. I mean, that has a lot to do with it, as well.

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