Huge Tight End Likes the Wolfpack

Hargrave Military Academy is loaded again this season. One prospect expected to make waves this season is Anthony Hill, a huge tight end from Houston, Texas. Is Hill interested in Virginia Tech?

"Right now I'm really here to bring up my GPA and then have a nice season," Anthony Hill said. So far it's been going pretty good. It's kind of different, it's real strict, real strict."

"You've got to get up in the morning at around six something, we've got a curfew, we've got lights out, but besides that, everybody's pretty cool. We've got a pretty good football team going. So it's pretty cool."

Although his main goal is to improve his GPA, Hill, who played on the defensive line as a high school senior, is also looking to improve on the field. "This is my first year playing tight end, so I'm really trying to improve as a catcher," Hill said. "I'll try to be the leading receiver, that's what I'm going to try to do."

The 6'7", 250-pound Hill was recruited pretty heavily last season. "I was recruited by Texas, Miami was recruiting me for a little while, all those schools."

And although Hill is from the Longhorn State, don't expect him to go back to Texas. "If I went back to Texas, I'd only go to UT. That's it. Up this way, I'd go to Virginia Tech, N.C. State, schools like that."

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