Doeren: Dayes, Richardson Are Good To Go

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.


Going into the week is all about moving forward as a team. Do you think you guys have achieved that?
We'll find out Saturday. Can't tell you till we play a game.

How have practices been?
They've been good. We're beat up a little bit like everybody is, so you work through some of that stuff, but the intentions have been good. The number of guys that are in watching film and all those things, but you got to execute.

Is Mr. Dayes okay?
Yeah, he's great. He had a decent... he's as rested as he's been now.

They had a defensive coordinator change. Are they're still doing a lot of the same things or they changed it up?
They're playing more zone defense than they have in the past, but they're still jumping into man free a lot. They had a lot more pressure packages with Don Brown. That's just what he was.

They're playing more fundamentals. Less things, but playing hard with great technique. On third down, they still get into a lot of looks, but first and second they're a little bit more just play what we play and play it hard and play it well.

I thought their quarterback, I think got dinged up last week. Do you have to prepare for two or are they similar?
We do. Obviously they're not going to tell us who's playing. That's what coaches do, so we've got to expect to see both. If Towles is healthy I'm sure he'll play and if he's not, then we'll see Darius, their left handed guy.

The spillover of homecoming that personally affects your players?
We talk about it. It definitely matters to our seniors to get a win at homecoming. One of our goals is to be undefeated at home and it's a home game, so opportunity to continue that.

Any opportunities for past players to talk to them or anything along those lines?

When you think of BC, you always think of toughness. Has it changed at all with their defensive coordinator? Is it a different style of toughness?
No. I think they're tough. They're very sound and strong, have good depth on the D-line and they play a lot of guys. Their linebackers are active and athletics. They're long in the secondary. They got a really good defense. They have 3 years with all of them. The scheme might be different, but the results are the same. They're number 1 in the ACC right now.

On Monday you talked about Jeff Smith. Is that how you envision Jakobi [Meyers] one day? Could Jakobi be like what Jeff Smith has been doing?
Yeah. I hope he's better, to be honest. For a guy that was thrown into the position in the middle of training camp, he's done some really good things. He's only a redshirt freshman, so I think he has a chance to be a really, really good player at receiver.

Everything good with Will Richardson?
Yeah, he's cleared. Practiced today. All good.

Can you take much away from last year's game against them?
Yeah. I think it was a game where we created some takeaways. We got a lead and we were able to run the football on a good defense. We had a good recipe for winning in that game. Anytime you play a ball control team and you force turnovers and you score points, that's a good way to beat them.

Even though they're different in certain ways, it's no different when you play them and when you have to protect the football. You have to get some turnovers for your offense to have a shorter field against a really good defense and you got to play sound special teams. That's what we got to do.

I was reading up on Towles, and I know he's a mobile guy. Is it a designed type running game with him or is it more scrambling free?
He will scramble, but they have designed runs and they have read runs. His touchdown last week was a zone-read. He kept it and outran the defense. He's a big kid with really good feet.

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