Drinkwitz: "We Have To Get The Offense Going"

NC State offensive coordinator Eli Drinkwitz discusses the upcoming game against Boston College.

BC has been on a long ACC losing streak, but they've always prided themselves on being a tough, physical defense. What do you see from this year's team?
I see both teams are 0 and 0, and they're trying to both get a win this week. The past has nothing to do with the present. They're a very good football team on defense. They're very physical up front. They're got a defensive end that's from North Carolina that's a very good player, 4 forced fumbles, lots of sacks.

Their nickel or side linebacker's been playing a lot of football in this conference. Very solid, interior's strong. They're a very good defense. One of the best in the ACC, and we've got to play very well to have a chance.

Having a healthy last few days and what you can do with them against Boston College to get them going the way you guys have.
We got to get everybody going. We have to get the offense going.

What positives do you see with Maurice's play? That was his first big play of the season.
Yeah, great kid. That's great concentration, great finish.

Have you been waiting for that for a while? Because it's in him.
Yeah. The opportunity presented itself and he took advantage of it.

Harmon, obviously, made some nice catches, too. How do you get to a younger receiver like that progressing as the season goes on?
Yeah. Coach [McDonald] is giving him more and more reps, and as he's able to handle more and more scenarios in the game, he'll get more and more reps. We're very pleased with where he's at.

Do you think at this point, that everything you want installed in the offense you guys already have, or is it still tinkering...
No. We're still just trying to play to our strengths. There's a lot of new faces playing, there's a lot of new things we're still trying to get base stuff executed, consistently executed.

You got new people at different positions. You got true freshmen playing. No, we're not anywhere near where we want to be, but it's what you've got that's important.

How do you want to see them react on Saturday?
I just want to see them do their jobs. The past has nothing to do with the future. Just learn from it and move on. It doesn't have to hang up, we've just got to execute, do what we do.

Is it easier to get their attention after what happened at Louisville?
If you're a competitor it is.

How much of a meat grinder is the Atlantic division? This is supposedly "a down" team, but defensively, they're really pretty good, Boston College. Is this a real tough league? I don't think it gets the respect it deserves.
Every league's tough. In football, football's tough. You got to be tough to play the game, whether you're in the NFL or Alma Junior High, or whatever, it's tough. Football's tough and each team presents its own challenges. Everybody's out to play to win. Yes, Boston College's a very good football team.

Our division is very difficult. Comparatively speaking, I don't know, I just know it's very difficult for us.

How neat is it after two weeks, and even the week before, God bless them, a lot of fans couldn't get here for Notre Dame. You're probably going to have a good crowd, you're going to be at home.
Well, we hope so. We're Homecoming crowd. We're excited to see our guys at home and see our fans, and get back to doing what we do.

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