Doeren: "I Take Responsibility"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the Boston College loss.

POSTGAME PC: Dave Doeren

"Obviously I'm very disappointed that we didn't find a way to win that football game and I take responsibility any time we don't. There were plays that we could have made and didn't, there were calls that we could have done better and didn't -- and it always comes back to me. I know this, I'm not going to walk in there and point fingers at anybody. We're going to go back to work. We've got four games left and we've got Florida State here next week and we've got to play better -- a lot better."
"There were a couple of plays obviously in the game, when you have a touchdown called back on a formation and you give up a trick play when our eyes were bad. There was always plays within the game that we had to maximize our opportunities and when we could score we needed to, and obviously we didn't do that enough."
"Defensively, I thought we played pretty well until the last halfback pass play where we had a bust in coverage, a guy playing over-aggressively in the run game and trying to make a play. We've got to get back to fundamental football and coaching these guys hard and continuing to hold everybody accountable within the program and working at it and finding a way to beat Florida State."
"Obviously we wanted to. They are a team that doesn't give up a lot of points. They are the top scoring defense in the ACC for a reason and we did not make enough plays. We didn't. Do I wish we would have? Obviously yes. Was it emphasized? Yes it was. It was."
"I am disappointed obviously. I take pride in being able to run the football and that is two games in a row we haven't been able to do that so we have got to look at what we are doing first, and why it is not working as well as it should. And look at some things we can do to block things better and format things to help them in the run game. They played a lot of straight man-to-man coverage  and loaded the box too. They are going to have more guys than you do when that happens so that makes it difficult."
"When you can't run the football, which we haven't been able to for two weeks it turns into a pretty one dimensional offense. It is hard on the quarterback."
"They are killer. When you play a defense that does not give up a lot and then you have a huge play and it comes back that is a killer play. It is what we have talked about since January as a football team. We have to be an opportunistic team that capitalizes on the moments and we can't beat ourselves and win big games or win any games. There is examples of that everywhere. It beat us. It did."
"It was an illegal formation. The outside receiver was covering up the tight end, which he should not have been. He should have been off the ball."
Yeah. We ran that play in practice everyday. I don't have an answer for you. When it is on film correctly four days in row, it should be on game day."
"They're here. Yeah, they're here. We have got to get them back to that point. I am not going to stand up here and make excuses for them. Those guys are still in that locker room but we have to -- I say it again -- we have to be a team that takes opportunities, capitalizes on those opportunities that as a team that doesn't beat ourselves, to give ourselves a chance to win. Our margin for victory in this league is difficult. That was our third defense that was a top-10 defense in the country in a row. So when you play those kind of teams and you have a guy wide open you have got to be able to get it to him. You have got to make that play. You can't have a penalty on that play."
"Same thing defensively, we had them in a second and 20 -- which is an obvious draw screen down and we give them a screen that gets them inside the red zone. They scored two plays later. Those things can't happen. They can't."
"I think he is probably a little but they played tight coverage on him and they were in man-to-man a lot. They had body on body and they brought a lot of pressure on Ryan and without being able to run the football it was hard for him to sit back and wait for guys to get open. That is the kind of game it was. That is why you saw the fade route-type of plays have opportunities because you get them out quick."
"It is next to impossible to be a good offense when you have 23 yards rushing. I don't care who you play. It is impossible. They are going to load the box and you can't do that. We're a team that has to be balanced and have players that are good players and Jaylen Samuels is one of them. If you can run the ball, J-Sam becomes a different type of player because you have all these bootlegs and different things you can do. When you are not running it and not respecting your ability to run it towards the end, it hurts you. We found a couple of plays here and there... but we want to be more balanced than that. We have got to look at it and do everything we can to get it back to where it was."
"They had the ball for 34 minutes. Thirty four minutes. We had it for 20. Those offensive possessions, we talked about it, they were going to be priceless. We didn't capitalize on enough of them. We had the ball on the three-yard line at the end of the game to tie it and didn't score. We had a touchdown called back on an illegal formation. Those are the kind of plays that are why I am standing here disappointed while everybody is looking at you weird, it is because we beat ourselves. We did and it always comes back to me. I'll take that. I understand that. We will come back to work tomorrow. We will look at Florida State. . We will look at ourselves and we do everything we can to take another step in the right direction."
"It is a choice. The guys were down there talking about it. They are very frustrated. They are not pointing fingers. They are taking ownership in what they did and didn't do right. I didn't say a whole lot down there. They talked. It is a choice. You choose to rise up, you choose to lay down, you choose to focus, you choose to be selfish, you choose to be a great teammate -- all of those things are choices. We have got to choose the right things every day."
"It just comes down to better execution and we will sit in there tomorrow and talk about it, talk with the guys and having a greater focus on the little things that we have to do and just don't beat ourselves. We will be in every game, we will be, and find a way to win in the end. That is what we have to do. How do you do that? You pay attention to the details to the game plan, you pay attention to the fundamentals of your position. You keep focused on exactly what you need to do, the why and how hard I can do it. That is what we have to do to win. It is what every team has to do to win."
"Why didn't he get the ball? I am sure there are a lot of plays where he was in the game where he could have got the ball and didn't. Why it didn't happen, I couldn't tell you right now but he was in there quite a bit."

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