Jones: "Those Mistakes Come From The Players"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior safety Josh Jones met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Florida State.

This will be a night game after four straight noon games for you guys...
There is no difference... we still prepare the same.  It's just the time.

How do you put this behind you, the last few weeks?
We have to put it behind us. There's nothing you can do about a loss. I can't re-live yesterday. We have to go back to work, our coaches have to go back to work, and we have to continue to prepare and do everything we can do to get this "W."

There's nothing you can do about the past.  We have to stop thinking about losses we've had... you can only live in the present.  You can't live in the past... living in the past will continue to haunt you.

You've got to have short-term memory.

What are your impressions of Florida State?
I started watching Florida State Saturday night. They have a great running back, Dalvin Cook... they've always been a good team, good tradition. 

 Every game will come down to execution. Executing the defense that coach Hux and our defensive assistants draw up... going out there and playing fast. 

That's what it will come down to.

What kind of opportunity do you have against Florida State?
They are coming off a loss so they will have a sour taste in their mouth. They'll come out going hard.  I'm pretty sure their coach is probably beating something in their heads to motivate them to go hard... come out here and start fast.

That's what we have to do. That's been our motto for the past two or three weeks, to start fast. As long as we start fast, play our ball.... not get caught up in what the outsiders say and focus on what's inside of this team, we'll be fine.

Starting fast has been an emphasis... how do you change it?
Executing is really what it comes down. It has nothing to do with scheme or anything, it's what we have to do as players. When you point the finger you have fingers pointing back at you. What you have to do is be accountable, myself included. Those mistakes come from the players. It has nothing to do with our coaches or staff... anything.

What have you done to raise the bar for yourself?
I haven't done anything but prepare. I've put in the time in the film room... when you know the opponent, you can play fast; you know what's coming.  

When you do the things outside of practice, like knowing the tendencies, that will help you play fast within our scheme.

It's not anything special.... coaches give us a gameplan on Tuesday, I learn the gameplan, I go out there and practice it and just do my job.

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