Stabler Hopes to Learn More About N.C. State

Clark County Offensive Lineman B.J. Stabler has always been an Auburn fan, but will the Tigers win out for his signature on signing day?

B.J. Stabler Profile

"It's too early to say," Stabler told StateFans.  "My favorite team growing up was Auburn, and I got that from my dad.  We both were Bo Jackson fans.  But, I also like Alabama, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Florida, Miami, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, Mississippi State, and a few others.  I'm just open right now."

With offers from Auburn, Alabama, NC State, South Carolina, LSU, and Clemson, Stabler will have plenty of choices when it is time to make his college decision.  However, he's not concerned with recruiting at the moment.

"I'm focusing on my senior year and figure out all the recruiting stuff later on.  I'll visit Auburn, Alabama, and Florida officially for sure.  The other schools will be the two that show me the most interest from here on out."

As for the Wolfpack, B.J.'s not that familiar with them right now, but hopes to learn more about them in the future.

"I don't know too much about N.C. State because I mainly follow the SEC.  But, I want to get to know more about them, and I know that they have been showing interest in me so that's good.  Hopefully I'll have a chance to see their campus and maybe catch an N.C. State football game."

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