Gottfried: "I'm Disappointed With It"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media on Tuesday.


Opening Statement:
Whatever the outcome of that situation was going to be, it's my job to get this team ready to play, and right now that's the only thing we're trying to do, is move forward and when the time comes, get him in there

We're going to get him in there, but we need to learn how to play without him, right now.

It must feel kind of good to at least have him for the last four games before ACC play though, right?
Not really. Like I said, I'm disappointed with it, but we're going to move on and get ready to play.

You're planning for the worst? I mean, how does this impact your team?
I think it's difficult for a young player when you miss that many games. I think the rest of the team, they'll be much farther down the road by then, but then again, part of building a team and part of having a good team is overcoming different situations.

I think Omer as a freshman and as an international player, needs as many games as possible. Again, you deal with it the best way you can.

Certainly, in a perfect world we would have loved to have him play a lot more games to have him get ready for the ACC, but we're going to figure out how to handle it the best way we can, and some other guys are going to have to step up and play. I guess it's part of sports.

How frustrating is it that the NCAA just kind of pulls these things out of thin air, it seems, when it comes to these players?
Again, I'm going to stay out of all that. I just think for me, like I said, it's time for us to move on and get ready to play.

You haven't had a player quite like Omer. How do you see him fitting into what you like to do? Will you try to use him with Dennis and... High screen action?
I think with Omer, whenever the time comes, mid-December, when he can play in games, I think there's a lot of ways to utilize him. He's obviously great in a pick-and-roll. Most international players are really good with that because they do it so much. He's also pretty good in the low post.

He's a terrific passer for his size, too. There's a lot of things that we like to do where the ball is in his hands, where he can make some passes and plays, too.

Again, we'll have to get him ready during practice and then, when the time comes, we'll do the best job at getting him in there as quick as we can and getting him comfortable.

How does Torin's role change while Omer is out?
I think that we'll have the opportunity to play small a lot. When we do play small we'll have four guards in the line-up and something that, at times, can be really good for our team, too. Torin's role is going to be pretty important for this team, as are the other guys.

How do you juggle the exhibition games? Do you go with the lineup that you would normally play, say, December 15th? Or do you go with the lineup that would be best for the opener?
I think number one is we've got to make sure we're utilizing the guys that are going to play, because we've got to get ready to play basketball, real games, and that's the purpose of having exhibition games.

That group that's going to play needs to play a lot, although I do want to play our guys like Omer. He does need to play some. It does get him in front of people, in the lights and in a real game situation, but I think the primary thing for us is making sure we're also utilizing the exhibition games to get our team ready to play come the following week.

Is Ted's process going to be a lot slower?
I have no idea. Again, hoping for the best with Ted, as well. We'll see as that one plays itself out.

If you had started the recruiting process back in May, and they said, "He's going to miss nine games," you still would have wanted him badly, right?
I would have been frustrated.

You would have still wanted him badly?
Oh, absolutely. Without a doubt. Again, you just have to roll on and go get ready to play. 

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