Yurtseven: "I Have Moved On"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State freshman center Omer Yurtseven met with the media prior to the start of the season.

POST-PRACTICE: Omer Yurtseven

Coach says disappointing, you say what?
I say I have moved on. I have moved on so it's been a long process. It's been almost four months, so I'm happy that we finally have an idea that what we're going to do so that we can move on. Now, I'm going to concentrate on what's most important which is basketball and school, so that's what I'm going to do.

Based on previous history in such cases, did you kind of expect something similar?
I can't say I expected less, but I have to respect their call because it's their organization.

How much have you been worrying about this for the last few weeks?
I haven't been worrying. When it comes to my mind it's just I try just to say, "Can I do something about it? No," then why worry?

Do you feel it was fair?
I can't say nothing about that.

What's next for you now, as far now that you know the decision moving forward?
Play in the exhibition games. After that, I have to wait nine games which is going to be really tough. It's going to be really long, but it's a process that I have to go through. I'll try to hold on, and keep practicing, keep out helping the team in practices, so that's what I'm going to do.

How much do you expect that to impact your transition into the college game?
I'm still going to play to exhibition game so that's going to give me an idea, and then after that I'm going to watch the whole game. I'll watch every game that they play, so I think that will give me an idea about how the system is.

If nothing else, just a feeling of relief one way or the other it's over... you know what's going on?
Exactly. It was a relief, for real. I said, it's been four months and everyday it's like ... Everybody was asking, "Are they going to decide today?" I say, "I don't know." Everyday I just kept on going and finally they had a decision, so it was a relief.

How did you deal with the stress of the possibility of you being completely ineligible and not being able to play? How did you deal with that during this process?
I tried not to consider that because that would be really tough for me.  The club, back in Turkey, as I heard they didn't really push the possibility of me not playing because if they tried they probably could have an impact on the decision.

I'm glad that it came out not being ineligible.

What's the charity of your choice?
I don't know. I was just asking coaches if they know what's best.

Are you glad you don't have to hear about Enes Kanter anymore?
It's just I don't really want to talk about it. I only heard that he got ineligible after the same conditions. The difference is the club tried to make him ineligible so they had more pushback on, but this time that may be the biggest difference.

I didn't touch the money, but I heard that he did. That probably would impact, too.

Do you have mixed feelings at all about your club that you play for them for three years... they obviously helped you develop, get your name out there, but according to your attorney they tried to do the same thing to you that they did to Kanter.
Oh, I don't know what my attorney found out but if they tried, I'm still eligible after nine games so I'm trying to be positive.

If somebody had told you back in May that you'd be eligible mid-December, would you have been okay with that?
I would say, "Is there another option?" If there's not, yeah, I'll take that.

What have you learned about America in this judicial process with the NCAA known for its system?
You just got to be patient and that's it. You just got to just keep your head up. At practice, just come in, just try to improve like you always do. Do what you can do, and don't worry about the rest.

What can Wolfpack fans expect on December 15th?
Oh, we're going to play exhibition games first so...

Yeah. They may not get the full force of Omer.
We'll see. We'll see it together.

Since you do get these exhibition games, does it give you motivation to go out there and play like it's...
Yeah, but at the same time I'm going to miss two games so the coach has to get the team ready, so I think he will play ... I'll play less, then I'll play after that nine game period.

How's it going to be like to be with the team for the Virgin Islands trip?
Go and practice twice a day so it's going to be, I can say, a process that will add me a lot. It will be with the team so it'll definitely ... It's good that they let me go to the Virgin Islands because it's going to help me improve my relationship with the team, because it's a seven-day camp.

It's a big way to connect to people.

You don't seem to be bitter at all, but after this whole thing what kind of advice would you give to another kid coming from Turkey?
I don't know because I try to do everything that I can right, but I still got nine games so just do your best and pray.


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